This Diamond Ring Was Ran Over, Can We Fix It? #shorts

A customer had his ring run over by a motorcycle– here’s the process of how we restored it.
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21 Replies to “This Diamond Ring Was Ran Over, Can We Fix It? #shorts”

  1. Wait was that ring not hotter than fuck and bro just had his finger sitting on it wtf jewelers are built different

  2. When you bring the jewellery master rings like this i bet he’s not even surprised anymore ????

  3. that's the property of dead finger don't wear it or the finger will haunt the hand until you give it up. ????????

  4. How is the ???? for sale online ???? if you're just repairing it ????????‍♂️

  5. Wtf is that motorcycle my bike would fucking lift off it is drives over a small rock

  6. I love your videos I can actually say I’ve learned a lot. I appreciate the fact that you share this knowledge freely. Keep up the good work stay real Pimpin.

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