This Epic Tiny House & Land Cost A Fraction Of The Average Home And Is Way Better!

Amidst ultra-high house prices, it’s great to know there are still achievable ways of getting into your own home and your own land. This brilliant off-grid tiny house, designed for family life, is spacious, functional and has everything this young family needs.

It’s parked up on communal land, which Paula and Boyd have bough a share in, giving them long-term security with their parking spot. Around their tiny house they grow their own vegetable gardens and have even planted a food forest. Beyond the borders of their garden, they have access to hundreds of acres of communal land, for which they have taken responsibility of the conservation program.

Their home is self-sufficient and off the grid, with an impressive solar system and abundant rainwater collection. This, coupled with the gardens means that overhead costs of running the home and feeding the family can remain relatively low.

Between the house and the land, they have been able to construct an incredible family home for only a fraction of the cost of the average, yet in truth, have also got a tremendous amount more than you would get with an ordinary home.

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13 Replies to “This Epic Tiny House & Land Cost A Fraction Of The Average Home And Is Way Better!”

  1. This is a seriously cool tiny house! It's another which is located at the tiny house community we featured in last weeks episode. If you missed that, you can check it out here: – There's a lot to love about this brilliant home that Paula and Boyd have created for their family. We hope you enjoy the tour! With Love, Bryce & Rasa

  2. Another amazing place! Thank you for sharing this home and their beautiful vision!

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  4. Okay, but then what did she mean when she said that the kids don’t know any different – if they’ve only been living there for three months?

  5. I am totally blown away with this tiny house! This is exactly what I would want hook, line and sinker! This young couple is lovely and having two tiny girls – I'll bet those girls will really have a wonderful life growing up there! Good luck to them both and thanks for trying to save our planet and be self-sufficient! Thanks much Bryce & Rasa! Well done!

  6. Great home! I’ve noticed though that a lot of tiny homes lack tvs or have them at odd angles or have what look like uncomfortable couches (they give me back pain). Still great home, and no judgment!

  7. Technology had to catch up before the hippie dream of the 1960s could become real. Now it's here and we have to embrace it. Another excellent video.

  8. I'm so thankful for cc because all the upspeak grates on my nerves ???? but seriously though beautiful home!

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