11 Replies to “This eye-makeup looks good on EVERYONE! Here’s how to do it ???????? #shorts #makeuptutorial”

  1. Do you have the sweetest most calming personality. I love listening to you and learning from you.

  2. Anyone know how to recreate this for a very deep shade? Would love to recreate this.

  3. Will you do some eyeshadow instruction for a mature professional woman whose eyes are becoming more hooded? Thanks. Love your channel.

  4. I cannot wear this because I have hooded eyes that closes at the inner corner. I want to see makeup like this done on eyes like mines haha. I could fake a crease but it would just looks weird ????

  5. Just know if your face isnt tight like his NONE of this will work, meaning natural faces will not look like this! ????

  6. This is something that I can do! I had stopped wearing eyeshadow because of my 60 year old crepey eye lids…. this will work. I use a matte white shade, no shimmers!

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