This Fabric cost $750 a YARD. And the look I made with it ???????? #shorts

So brandcast is basically a massive awards show- like ceremony where they show advertisers some of their favorite creators and I’m BEYOND honored to have been not only included, but also asked to present and have some of my garments walk the runway!

I remember 8 years ago, struggling to get by as a designer, and wishing to make it one day, and I currently am closer than I’ve ever been. I feel VERY thankful!

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24 Replies to “This Fabric cost $750 a YARD. And the look I made with it ???????? #shorts”

  1. Oh my gosh Gunnar!!! It’s soo pretty and it looks AMAZING on you!!! Also I will check out that video and you look so happy in each of your videos I’m so glad you are able to pursue your dreams!♥️♥️♥️????????????????

  2. Congratulations!!!????????????????????????????????????????????
    Gorgeous blazer!!! Excellent presentation!????

  3. Thank you for everything. I love creating outfits but people don't believe it'll work. I always find myself in the fabric section in every store but I worry sometimes.

  4. How many ways can you wear this piece? Who cares! It’s sooooo lovely!

  5. FABULOUS. And congratulations! Your creations are outrageously beautiful and unique! ????????????

  6. Gunner you just never sece to amaze!!! Please if you ever feel like trying to make this old biker bitch into a princess just let me know.????❤

  7. If you ever need an escorts to ANYWHERE you could ABSOLUTELY make me a matching gown & I'll go with you!!!! STUNNING SIMPLY STUNNING ????????????????????????❤️????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. So proud of you for your success and the obvious joy you portray every day❤

  9. Wow, that is awesome that you are invited to such events! Btw, I love the jacket, too! ????????????????????????

  10. Gunnar you are a amazing person you deserve to be able to Grammys you’re a superstar and I love your art ❤

  11. This success couldn't have happened to a more caring creator! Congratulations! I'm glad that your dreams are coming true. You've worked so hard to reach them.
    Your videos are always so caring and show what a giving person you are. They're always a delight to watch.

  12. Wonderful, congrats!!!
    Love your creations. If i were a famous person, you would be at the top of the list for a designer!!!

  13. It turned out beautiful!
    This pieces are super expensive. My sister is in a "comparsa" (I don't know how is the word in English, like the ones in Rio, Brasil) and it takes so much money and effort to make the costumes. The amount of crystals and feather cost a fortune.

  14. Congrats!!! You deserve all this recognition for being such a wonderfully creative person! ❤

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