This Man Makes 3,000+ Bagels by Hand Every Day | On the Job | Priya Krishna | NYT Cooking

If New Yorkers are passionate about anything, it’s their bagel orders. Bagels are everywhere in the city, and there’s a reason for it. In the early 1960s, the first bagel-making machine was introduced, automating the once laborious and secretive process of crafting hand-rolled bagels. This allowed for billions of bagels to be mass produced and sold in grocery stores. But it is said that bagels made by hand create a stronger gluten structure, which leads to a light and chewy interior. Machine-made bagels, on the other hand, result in a dense, cakelike texture. Because of this difference, hand-rolled bagels are in high demand. And yet, bagel rolling is a dying profession.

Meet Celestino García. He’s one of the very few bagel rollers left in New York City who still crafts bagels by hand. On this episode of On the Job, Priya Krishna follows Celestino as he hustles to work in three different locations, rolling bagels while the city sleeps.



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13 Replies to “This Man Makes 3,000+ Bagels by Hand Every Day | On the Job | Priya Krishna | NYT Cooking”

  1. what a sweet, sweet man <3 It's so pure to see someone love their job so much! I hope one day his family makes him take vacation, he more than deserves one 🙂

  2. Another great video! Celestino is amazing. Sadly, my first thought was that I really hope he is paid well because that is some hard, tiring work. I like that he has several family members working at the stores also. It seems like the manager/owner does appreciate him and his family.

  3. Sitting here as an Australian that's only had storebought plain bagels, n only seen salmon bagels. ????????

  4. What a fantastic story! The next time I go to NYC I'll be sure to go and try one of his creations

  5. 9:42 “We have a backup guy we never use.” This man is a machine!!!!!! So much r???????? RESPECT ???????? to Celestino.

  6. To be almost 60 and to work long hours like this without a break = joys of capitalism.

  7. Those businesses BETTER pay him a GRIP of money bcz without him, they're nothing but I bet they don't pay him close to what he's worth. He can name his his salary.

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