This Must Be In Every Workshop. Woodworking.

This is the 3rd part of the much-needed devices that should be in every workshop. In this video I will show how to make a tool to cut wood on a circular saw at an angle.



WD Restoration

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  1. Quick and easy jig. Thanks.
    These haters need to get a life, or at least stop the video they don’t like and go out and MAKE SOMETHING.

  2. they also make these really cool things called miter guages… they fit right in the table and everything

  3. Taper jig! Already have one so I wish you would have said what you were making at the BEGINNING of the vid.

  4. Oh yes because we've all got a bench saw like which would have cost 100's of £'s so damn infuriating

  5. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.
    I realise that some people would see a use for it. However, since you have a track saw, and the only jig you need is the track, why you’d ever need it.

  6. в комментариях все хвалят идею.. я не столяр, но зачем эта штука, если угол, на который она раскрывается – неизвестный?

  7. Você resolveu um grande problema nas marcenarias.
    Jajá as fábricas fazem elas profissional

  8. That was a waste of time. I suppose if you need a taper jig it's good, but the clickbait title doesn't work. Maybe put something in the title about a Tablesaw Taper jig.

  9. Mmm esta idea ya la vi antes. En el canal de CraftMaster!!! Si ahí vi esta idea hace un par de años creo.

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