This Was Big…Now It's Bigger

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This wood slab was supposed to become a large desk. But when the client backed out, we had to change directions…and turned it into something much better…and “bigger”.
#epoxyresin #LiveEdgeTable #woodworking

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Mechanical Pencil Project

▸ Blacktail Studio’s N3 Nano Kit (wood finish) –
▸ Slab from Street Tree Revival –
▸ Hardwood from Woodworker’s Source –
▸ Epoxy from Total Boat
▸ Kreg Adaptive Cutting System –
▸ Rockler Portable Drill Guide –
▸ Rubio Finish at Rockler –
▸ Rockler Miter Gauge –
▸ Rockler Ceiling Track System –

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0:00 Intro
0:44 A Big New Tool
2:14 About This Wood
4:30 An Epoxy Trick
6:02 Stop Talking!
7:24 A Woodworking Tip That Looks Dangerous
9:36 A Big Announcement…it’s a Free Plan
10:52 No Dominos Needed
11:44 The Design
12:20 Base pt. 1 – Legs
15:46 Base pt. 2 – Aprons & Half-Laps
17:06 Base pt. 3 – Stretchers & Shelf
22:53 Attaching and Fixing the Top
23:54 New Finishing Process
26:38 Final Assembly & Beauty Shots

17 Replies to “This Was Big…Now It's Bigger”

  1. I will go to the new channel only to comment, "can you explain to us please, verbally"

  2. Never ever shut up ! Your explanations are excellent, and your humour is faultless. Keep on keeping on, we love what you do.

  3. As an auditory learner, the voiceovers (or direct to cameras) really help me to process what I'm seeing on the screen. I LOVE what you do.

  4. Outstanding Craftsmanship, from someone who began in 2013 as a beginner. Loving, the process to learn.

    But stopped for going on 4 years now due to medical issues. Rehab has restored me 95 %. Look out 2024. Here I come again..

  5. That was a lovely video and I thank you for sharing. When I was discussing my prescription with my optometrist, she informed me that there is a new invention- a pair of glass eyes. You put them in front of your normal eyes to help make you see better. They work! Even though you make a spectacle of yourself ????????

  6. it's not about the question "should i voiceover the videos or not say anything at all?". The annoying thing is that you talk about yourself most of the time.

  7. festool sword saw – rides on a festool track but cuts like a chainsaw, can do about 8-10 inches in as single pass

  8. The sad pencil lead tips breaking off got me good; it's the little things ????

  9. Personally, as someone who wants to make furniture for themselves, hearing at least part of your thought process and how you overcome some of the challenges is really enlightening and I love hearing you talk. Keep it up man, you're doing beautifully.

  10. As always, great looking piece. Nice to see the quick cameo of Shaun. Let's us know he's still alive. 🙂

  11. Damn that’s amazing! You and Shaun are some of the best woodworkers on YouTube hands down!!! Love the channel and the videos!!

  12. It is nice to have a voice over to hear your thoughts while building stuff. Well done!

  13. I always love your videos, the fact you talk during is just a bonus. It’s good that you’re doing different formats for different people but I’m good with the way things are.

  14. Magnolia is cool, we have a bunch of them around here. They are pretty tame in grain, so yes that’s rare. Also, talking is fine. If someone doesn’t want it , just mute it! Put on some spa music! Take a bath! Lol, people get too worked up when there are solutions other than making people feel trashy.

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