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It’s no secret that XO, Kitty is totally worth the hype, so we asked the cast to answer ALL our questions. From anecdotes about their early days of filming ???? , to the real friendships behind the scenes ????‍♀️ , and debating who has the best taste in music ???? – we got up close and personal with these total besties! Stay tuned to hear who always broke character and see some hilarious TikToks from your faves! For more Seventeen Superlatives, click here:

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17 Replies to “This 'XO, Kitty' Star Made Everyone Break Character | Superlatives | Seventeen”

  1. Okey but the fact that Gia just said I'm moving to LA and her mom was like ok????????. GIRL I WISHED

  2. hope I'm not the only one to notice this but Anthony and sang heon Lee have some type of chemistry that seems to be brewing ????????????????

  3. I'm still used to little Anna as Dizzy in Decedents. This series really painted her in a new light!

  4. Is It just me or Minho Doesn't only look like Félix but also his voice and accent omg

  5. Why do the boy and girl have different names if they’re siblings and how they have American and British accent

  6. Better we get a season 2 with minho and kitty because i’m still shaking till the last episode of this season…..

  7. AJJAJAJAJJAJAJA tienen tremnda quimica y aparte ainss los amo????✨????????

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