Three tips for training your voice | NPR Training | NPR

Speaking into a microphone is hard — even for radio veterans at NPR. In this video, voice coach Jessica Hansen and NPR’s Training team share a few vocal exercises that will help you sound more natural in front of a mic. Learn alongside NPR stars Susan Stamberg, Sam Sanders and Cory Turner.

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12 Replies to “Three tips for training your voice | NPR Training | NPR”

  1. I hope she gives Ayesha Rascoe some lessons, although her flaws don’t fall within the ones mentioned here.

  2. I was not ready to hear Jessica’s face—-yep that’s how not ready I was

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  6. If you're having a hard time with the lip trills, you can take your index fingers and push them into your lower cheeks. It's sort of like a training wheel if your muscles are too weak.

  7. I knew this was going to be a great video before I watched it and it did not disappoint! Susan Stamberg has one of my most favorite radio voices. She's amazing. I'm surprised some of them didn't know these exercises because I assumed they all had to do lots of vocal exercises in order to have such great voices.

  8. When the Diane Rehm Show used to be on, I remember listeners calling in who had clearly written down what they were going to say beforehand and were just reading it. Not only did they choose wording you would tend to use when writing and not when speaking, but they sounded like they were reading mindlessly rather than talking. It reminds you how great public radio journalists' speaking voices are.

  9. She has such a soothing voice. There's also a guy that also names sponsor and has a nice voice too.

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