Thrift and Antique Shopping for Home Decor – Spring Cottage Flower Gardening | Vlog

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Making over this guest room was such a fun project! My mom and I used Items we’ve purchased from Goodwill, estate sales, various thrift stores and flea markets to create a relaxed yet elegant cottage style bedroom.
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14 Replies to “Thrift and Antique Shopping for Home Decor – Spring Cottage Flower Gardening | Vlog”

  1. Selena…this was such a cozy video and we all need to check-in regularly to fill up our “comfort and safety tanks” and just our “normal tanks” where the world is as we know it should be or can be, at least sometimes. And how wonderful that you’re so close to your folks and your dad’s reaction to his bedroom fix up was so moving. So this video certainly gave me a good dose of all those comforting things (your beautiful flowers are to die for.) And we ARE living in unprecedented times and things ARE scary. While we can’t escape from the world and we all need to do our part to make it better,YT videos like yours and many other great YTers channels have been a real godsend for me and I’m sure millions of others in the chaotic times we’ve been having in these last few years. Thanks so much! 🙏 💐🌹🌸

  2. Your videos always bring joy and peace. I look so forward to them every week!! Your instagram posts are always a special gift as well. I loved seeing your dad so touched by his new bedroom; so sweet. I’ll be praying for his health issues. Seeing Sherman and Milly romping through the flowers was hilarious. I’ve never seen 2 pups get along so well and so excited to see each other! ❤️🌷

  3. Hello. Praying your dad gets better soon. Such a sweet surprise you did for him on Father's Day. He looks happy about his manly bedroom. I love the Indian photos on the wall. The vintages dresses were beautiful I think the pink base you bought is adorable. Pretty flower arrangements. My husband did not ask for a Father's Day present this year. He said " The best present God and you gave me was our daughter. She also made me happy when I saw her walking on Friday June 17, 2022, to accept her High School diploma." She is our one and only. We are proud parents. I did make him a steak and Arroz con Gandules Dinner with fry sweet bananas. He loves it and we spend time with him. 👩‍🎓🌺

  4. I love going along with you and your Mom! Such fun 😊
    So happy to see your Dad so happy! So touching 😊
    Love the flowers at the end. I love your frog vase!! So fun. Thank you Selena❣️❣️❣️

  5. You’re a good daughter. You also are rocking’ the hair, girl. I put pots on my stairs and next to the stain. What happens is the flowers kind of meld into one another and all the pots forming a giant pot of cascading or carpeting blooms. It’s been freezing so too cold to plant and today it’s blistering hot and humid. I can’t get motivated. I’ll get up at 0500 tomorrow and do it. I have virtually hundreds of plants to get into the ground. I love the gardens but hate to plant. Maybe next year I’ll hire a landscaper.

  6. I love that you have a pretty ribbon tied on your garden clippers!!!! 😉 😍🌹

  7. I Just welcomed my second grandchild this week..
    I love to celebtrate the new family members by watching this channel!!!

    All my adult children love this channel!
    All my dozens of neices and nephews and cousins love this channel..
    My aunts and uncles…

    The entire huge clan

    They all love this channel!!

    None of us have pets..but if we did….
    Then even The pets would love this channel.

    We have Foster kids and. several Armenian refugee families who we teach English to..and THEY love this channel.

    My Jewish Temple loves this channel.
    My cousin's church loves this channel.
    My neighborhood Girl Scout and Boy Scout Troupes love this channel.

    Totally all of my family and friends this channel.


    The Angels in heaven….that is to maid..and the Avon Lady..& my landscapers. & .my poolgirl. & .my florist & my seamstress. & my ferrier & my plumber & my Physical Therapist & my dermatologist..& my barista…they ALL love your channel..keep up the good work.
    You are much loved.
    By many.

  8. Love your vids!!!.. So relaxing!! Flowers are so amazing!! Your dad was so sweet after his bedroom makeover… so fortunate to be able to spend so much time together!!!…😻👩🏻‍🦰💖

  9. 💓Love your videos. Beautiful house and yard. Your parents are precious. I would love to have gone shopping at that store. So many beautiful things.

  10. Hi Selena. Your flowers are gorgeous! I didn’t catch the name of the antique mall you gals visited. Where were you in this one? 💐

  11. Hi Selena. Sorry I missed more of your video. I will take my time to watch them one by one. I Like this one. Make me homesick for the way you take care of your parent. You are a kind heart. Wish your dad a good recovery. I love the idea planting wih 3 different pots and various flowers. I wish you all well.

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