Tiny Off-Grid Floating Home with Hidden Loft & Spacious Design – FULL TOUR

Full tour of a stunning floating tiny house that’s set up on the shore of a small lake. It’s fully off-grid and it’s designed to be used in all four seasons, even in the winter! The interior is surprisingly spacious with comfortable areas to eat, sleep, and relax, and one of the coolest features is the full-size garage door that opens up so it feels like you’re on a boat or on a dock while you’re in the living room.

You can follow and find out more about Bora Boréal in Quebec, Canada here:

The tiny floating home is 12 feet wide by 35 feet long and it’s tied to shore with metal cables at all four corners. The platform is installed on a set of PVC floats with foam inside and that’s what keeps the home floating. When winter comes the floats can freeze in the ice so that it can be used year-round.

The float house is not connected to the grid so for power there are two 250 W solar panels charging six batteries that provide all the electricity. There’s a woodstove and a propane heater for heat, a Separett urine-diverting toilet, and they bring in/carry out the fresh and grey water.

The living room has modular sofas that can also be transformed into a guest bed, the kitchen and dinette are spacious enough to cook and host, and the attic ladder is an easy way to access the sleeping loft without obstructing the open-concept feel of the space during the day.

You can follow and find out more about Bora Boréal in Quebec, Canada here:

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29 Replies to “Tiny Off-Grid Floating Home with Hidden Loft & Spacious Design – FULL TOUR”

  1. 500 Watts of Solar is enough? For light, water pump and refrigeration it might get by. Are the windows double glazed?

  2. 🤔This one is not very well thought out InMyOpinion.
    I like the idea of a functional floating living space in nature. But this is a 'motel cabin' – not a house.
    At a huge 10.6 meters by 4m it's bigger than every tiny home on wheels and yet it has failed to include:
    1. Built in stairs with storage.
    2. Standing height in the bedroom – or even full double story build with covered upper deck.
    3. Piped/pumped water supply (even from a standing tank)
    4. An onboard shower facility (shower water can be filtered and recycled on the fly for conservation control).

  3. 1) how would you actually get into the lake? just from the shore? missed opportunity right there to install at least a little outside deck space. 2) those 'couches' hurt my back just looking at them. No thanks.

  4. Why is the bedroom that that low why can't you have a ceiling where you can stand up in the bedroom what why is it like this I don't get it at least should pop up I mean it's not the reason why a lot of these tiny houses are like that is because they can't travel that way but if this is on the water I doubt it's going anywhere so why not haven't talked enough to walk around it and also you know a shower is pretty pivotal that's that's a highly important aspect to a home so I don't know why they wouldn't have one attached to the outside or something I don't know it's beautiful but it's too small

  5. I don't see any advantage to building this as a float home. It's permanently tethered to the shore about ten feet away, the tiny pond that it sits on looks like a mosquito paradise, and the shower, etc., are on the shore.

  6. This is a beautiful home. But down side no privacy and the water is dirty. If it was on clean water I would love it. But other than that its a beautiful home.

  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is just another posh Airbnb cash grab, not someone actually looking to make a difference by moving to a more eco-friendly home, but rather to line their pockets.

  8. Hit 120k$ today. Thank you for all the knowledge and nuggets you had thrown my way over the last months, Started with 14k$ in January 2022💪

  9. Very nice beautiful setting i myself would have added a 4 foot deck off of the sliders' and upper sunbathing bird wildlife watching love this unit

  10. Minimalist living at its finest. Perfect for vacationing. It really is gorgeous for folks who live minimalist. I am not one of those folks and I need my shower/bath for meditation.

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