Tips to Moving Out & Being Independent (HIGHLY REQUESTED)


1. Save
2. Have a Plan
3. Be Realistic
4. Save more than you spend
5. Give yourself a deadline
6. Avoid living with friends




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17 Replies to “Tips to Moving Out & Being Independent (HIGHLY REQUESTED)”

  1. i enjoyed that. It's all about being responsible and having a game plan. Next time talk about making sure your credit is straight, following a budget plan because when you leave you are already acclimated to following a budget. Anyway, great job as always. That was a good topic for young people.

  2. You both are so gorgeous!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️thank you the tips! I know I'm new here but these tips are really what I'm looking for. I'm 19 and I'm looking for an apartment so I need to BOSS UP QUICK!!! ❤️❤️

  3. I just graduated college and am looking for an apartment while I finish my master's program. I'm 23. Only child so my parents have been great to me. So sorry if this sounds kind of dumb, lol but is it still possible to save a good amount while paying bills and everything else? It always seems like when you're so busy paying bills and feeding yourself you'll be spending more and not saving and all the money you saved up will eventually disappear. I didn't finish the whole video yet so sorry if you mentioned this lol.

  4. I love watching y'all's old videos… seeing how far y'all have come😘❤️

  5. This may sound stupid but if rent is say 740 but it's two bedrooms and you have a roommate do you split 740 or is it 740 person because of the rooms?…

  6. To those talking about how cheap rent is in the South or how expensive it is up North. You have a lot of things to take into account. In the south, you're going to get paid less than someone living up north doing the same exact same job as you, so obviously less money, lower prices, but the struggle is the same. The cheapest rent I've seen down here is probably $500/month.

  7. Could you guys do a video explaining how you maintain your routine of switching from curly to straight hair, and how you combat heat damage?

  8. Love you guys; you dont even know how much !!! you are inspiring !!! Work so hard because of you guys !!! Thank you so Much for being you guys; You should come to Montréal !!!! 😉

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