17 Replies to “TIRED & SLEEPLESS EYES?!! (Lipstick Quick Fix)”

  1. lol omg KEY QUEST!!!!!!!! holy crap, I totally forgot about my pet lol going to log on now after like 6 years after hearing the music lol

  2. i dont knw how to dscrbe ths . ur totally amazing and sporting person .

  3. What happens if you have creasing under your eyes? Does the red come through?

  4. Peachy/salmon colored products work much better! (LA pro conceal in orange, Bobbi brown corrector in peach or dark peach, or any concealer with a peachy undertone.) They don't show through your concealer so you don't have to pack on as much.

  5. Rule #1 of makeup!!! NEVER but liquid or cream over powder! And btw ur not the one who invented that trick so nice try 😏

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