Tissot PRX’s best dial color? ????

This is the Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 in Ice Blue dial in 40mm and I think its the best dial color that the PRX line has created especially under $1,000.

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20 Replies to “Tissot PRX’s best dial color? ????”

  1. it looks good no doubt. but it limits the wearability. it doesn't on as wide a range or clothing as black or blue dial. it would make a good part of a collection but doesn't have the capacity to be enough in itself

  2. Personally i prefer the Green dial… But the Blue one looks good too

  3. pretty good for a female. not really a manly color kind of like that Tiffany blue. they're both feminine colors

  4. Its not, you can get the tiffany blue dial on the quartz PRX which is half the price…

  5. Just got mine delivered, no regrets at all on the ice blue dial ????❄️

  6. Personaly I saw a tissot prx with the white dial, but it has a rubber strap
    U can switch the rubber strap with the original strap of the tissot prx and it would look so f good

  7. This watch is getting too hyped now, yes its good, brilliant at its price, but its time to move on, infact if you have saved up for this, I suggest saving bit more and getting the CW twelve, the quality and movement you are getting crushes the PRX and most watches around the 1K-1.5K price

  8. Hold up..my galaxy watch got this one beat ????????????????????????????

  9. 675????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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