Tokyo & Seoul Yarn Shopping + My Current Knit & Crochet Projects

Tokyo & Seoul Yarn Shopping + My Current Knit & Crochet Projects
Hello and welcome to follow along as I visit some lovely yarn shops in Tokyo and Seoul. I’m also sharing what trends I saw over there and what knit and crochet projects I’m currently working on, and planning for the Summer.

I hope you enjoy this little chat and get inspired to pick up your crochet hook or knitting needles, thank you so much for watching!

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GRANDMACORE HOOD (seen in the thumbnail)

WISHBONE SWEATER (video tutorial coming soon)


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23 Replies to “Tokyo & Seoul Yarn Shopping + My Current Knit & Crochet Projects”

  1. Loved seeing some snippets from your honeymoon! And amazing yarn shops ????❤

  2. If you come to Tokyo again next time, i would like to show you go to Yuzawaya at Kamata station Tokyo . They have many yarn and big shop buy anything for craft.

  3. Hi Perhaps you can combine all the colours for a large stripped type bag ..would look awesome with a big chunky strap 🙂 Good Luck 🙂 Awesome honeymoon destination and that yarn shop is so unique looking and looks huge.

  4. Who is the author of the first crochet book? There is a name at the bottom. You can use all the corded (?) yarn to make one bag since you don't have enough or make smaller bags. All the yarn is beautiful.

  5. Oh you were at my city! Seoul! Happy to see you had fun time???? And yes, crochet bag is always on in Korea and they're very popular. We're like when in doubt, just pick up a bag project????

  6. Aww lovedt this one! So many yarns in Bangul gosh yarn heaven 😀 I guess I wathced a korean blogger who also recomended this shop. About the bag project. You could try to pair the blue cord (blue-pink crochet bag) with the beige cord maybe? So that you have enough yarn to make a bigger blue-beige bag? The sweaters you knit are so lovely. Watching you carefree knitting top down raglan sweaters made me want to try to knit one, too. 😀

  7. You are just so inspiring to me! Thank you so much for your videos and for bringing the joy of knitting back to me 🙂

  8. Hello Kika, I have just found your YouTube vlog and will definitely be subscribing. I was in Japan a few years back and loved it! Sadly I wasn’t in my knitting phase then, but was sewing and found some fabulous fabric, crafting stores. We will return one day, and I will be seeking out the yarn shops. Hope you had a wonderful honeymoon. Best wishes from UK

  9. Your sweater is beautiful. I would combine the different colors of yarn to complete the bags. Make it stripped or any combination and you should have enough yarn.

  10. The channel "Mel Makes stuff" (one of my favourite knitting YouTubers!) has a video all about translating Japanese patterns into English. It's really interesting so I'd definitely recommend her videos on the subject if you wanted to make something from the patten books :).

  11. Rip the blue bag apart & combine with white bag for colorwork project bag…
    LOVE your sweaters!

  12. 와~~
    한국에 오셨었군요 저도 바늘이야기 에서 뜨개를 한답니다
    신혼여행으로 한국에 오다니 너무 기뻐요
    당신의 e book을 구매했고 최근에 올라온 니트 패턴을 구매했어요 ❤

  13. So happy you’re doing a tutorial for the Wishbone sweater ☺️ I have the yarn for it and bought the pattern but have projects I want to finish first. I plan on using Isager eco soft + a silk mohair yarn ☺️ I think it’s going to be so soft and gorgeous ☺️ Also Japon is definitely on our bucket list ♥️ It looks like you were there at the perfect time ???? ???????? Thank you for your videos. I love them all but that’s the first time I post a comment ????

  14. Absolutely love the jumper you are wearing and colour. I can’t knit to save my life – ????❤️

  15. With the first bag, if you have a solid paired with a marled color, always join with the solid color. It will look cleaner. With the bag that didn't have enough for a strap, I would find an old bag or purse and connect the strap with a D-ring. You can also sew liners for the bulkier weight yarns if you are worried about things getting caught or falling thru.

  16. So happy you visited Japan and it looks like the trip was a huge success ????

  17. What yarn/color is your blue sweater you're wearing made of? I love the color so much

  18. あなたが日本を楽しんだようで嬉しいです。また来てください。

  19. Same for me. I went to Japan for honeymoon ❤

  20. Kika??!!…… me when I do bags projet I have a minimum of 5 balls when I start…. to bad that you don't have anough… because the colors are superb!!! Have a good day!!

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