21 Replies to “Tools to cut wood!”

  1. Wow revolutionary! Wood cutters realized pipe cutters have been around for 100 years!

  2. What a surprise that some cheap fiskars has trouble cutting through that. If you garden then you buy new ones every year cause they are junk and disposable. Get a real pair like some Felcos and it will cut through it like nothing and last you a life time.

  3. I love how she gave it all her might and then he took it and cut threw it with no effort. Lol

  4. prob with this is its makes ya think u can't cut bigger now. good luck with that cheap blade

  5. And he immediately pulls the other peace of wood away so you can’t see how horrible the cut was

  6. As someone who worked for a Fisker distributor 3 years. What he’s not telling you is he replaced the fisker blades with cheap ones or sanded them to bare medal and dulled them. Also he never mentioned a warranty and is comparing a cheap knockoff of delta pro ratcheting pruning sheers to the worlds leading brand in outdoor bladed tools with a lifetime warranty on everything they sell no matter how it breaks or is damaged.

  7. I had a pair of these in the 80’s. They’re ratcheting shears.

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