Top 10 Costco Deals For May – Shop With Me

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Costco deals for May just dropped, so let’s go shopping!

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  1. I think the Bobby approved stamp should be green and not red. The app has green for approved and red for not. Just a thought

  2. Bobby I purchased the Suja Greens Cold Press drink, not exactly tasty, but certainly speed pass to your greens.

  3. You are correct that the keto diet may get a bad name as you say. But one has to be careful about ultra processed products such as that and to real the labels. They trade on people's ignorance.

  4. A bit off topic, but I purchased the seven Sundays cereal and a meat box from cooks venture! Thanks for the discount codes. Can’t wait to try them!

  5. We must protect this man at all cost. Thank you Bobby for sharing your knowledge with us.

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