Top 10 Mistakes Ebay Sellers Make & How to avoid them

Top 10 mistakes eBay sellers make & how to NOT make them.

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12 Replies to “Top 10 Mistakes Ebay Sellers Make & How to avoid them”

  1. Thanks everyone who checked out this video over the last year or so!! I appreciate everyone. make sure to browse some other helpful videos on my channel above!!

  2. I have for sure done #4. But the mistake that has cost me the most since I been selling on ebay is not getting my receipt when packages was dropped off.

  3. I liked the drop shipping rant. As a buyer, nothing aggravates me more than someone in Ohio selling me something thatโ€™s drop shipped out of China and it takes forever to get to me.

  4. Get familiar with flat rate usps boxes–they are often cheaper than ebay's estimates, especially if the customer is on the other side of the country. Have the boxes on hand to see what fits before you list.
    Be careful of ebay sneaking in "make offer" on your listing if you don't want (multiple lowball) offers. It is now their default and you have to click around to remove it.

  5. Thanks for the drop shipping advice….i was thinking about it…it did seem too good to be true

  6. Just watched this in 2021 and when I started selling I learned how to sell through YouTube and this video was the one I saw first โ€ฆlong story short it worked for awhile I sold dog supplies and it caught up to me .. cost me 200+ in fees! Suspended and now trying to get my account back. Had great feed back too for 10 months and badges from eBay all that but the last three orders it screwed up my whole account. Wish I knew this before I started but Iโ€™m selling on other platforms but nothing as good. Thanks for sharing all of your info! Just thought I should confirm what you told in this video to be very true!!

  7. Don't sell velcro….it's call "hooks & loops" course no one knows that expect veterans ๐Ÿ˜

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