Top 20 Swiss Watch Brands According To Statistics – Watch Market Update 2023

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In this video, I’ll dissect a report on the state of the Swiss Watch Industry by Morgan Stanley and LuxeConsult to share a detailed look at the industry’s top twenty brands from last year. In addition, I’ll share many other interesting facts and figures that help paint a picture of the broader watch market going into 2023.


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0:00 – Intro & Organization
2:01 – Top 10 Swiss Brands
7:47 – Following 10 & Other Winners
9:06 – Industry Value & Volume

How LuxeConsult Calculates Market Share: *This text is taken directly from LuxeConsult’s report.

Unlike the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), beverage, or retail sectors, there is no market share data published on the Swiss watch sector by consultancy firms such as Nielsen, GfK, or Kantar (which use either scanner data or panels to calculate the market shares). This is due to the impracticality of conducting such surveys and the discreet nature of the Swiss watch industry.

In order to calculate market shares in the Swiss watch industry, we first estimated
the number of units sold and the turnover of each of the top 65 watch brands.
Our estimates here are based on figures reported by public companies, public
statements made by the CEOs of watch brands over the years, direct discussions
with watch brands, data from Fédération de l’Industrie Horlogère Suisse (FHS), and
dialogue with industry contacts.

In the second step, we estimate the share of retail sales in each brand’s turnover.
This is done by estimating the total number of directly operated stores for each
Brand, as well as examining statements made by watch brand CEOs. This second
step (i.e.estimating the split of sales between retail and wholesale for each brand)
is often overlooked and, in our opinion, can lead to significant errors when trying
to estimate market shares in the industry, given the following: a) The split varies
substantially by brand. For example, we estimate that close to 100% of Rolex
watches are sold by third-party retailers (i.e. wholesale). At the opposite end of
the scale, we estimate that less than 40% of Swatch brand sales are done at
the wholesale level. b) The retailers’ significant markup (from ~28% for the strongest
brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe to ~50% for brands less in demand) creates
significant distortion in market share calculations.

29 Replies to “Top 20 Swiss Watch Brands According To Statistics – Watch Market Update 2023”

  1. ALWAYS interested in the business side of the Swiss and / or Japanese watch industry. Well done summary.

  2. With RM selling more than 5k watches a year I can predict easily they are way overalued as collectibles.
    Scarce? FK me

  3. Nice. Pls keep us updated with industry info such as this. Maybe u can include consumers feedback or quality reports of top brands too.

  4. does cartier count jewellery in their total figures because i doubt cartier is second best only watch brand

  5. Basically, the guys from the crown do not have any competition…it is insane.

  6. @teddy baldassarre I’m trying to decide my next purchase. What would you recommend? I’m looking at an omega seamaster aqua terra with a green dial and in 41mm. That or a grand seiko sbgw277. Let me know you’re thoughts if you see this..

  7. Funny how a French watch made in Switzerland is considered Swiss, but a BMW built in South Carolina is still German.

  8. MAAAAAAD thank you so much Teddy!!! Just the fact that you get to be commenting these figures on a public platform is representative of the juggernaut you've become. You're incredibly knowledgeable and professional, polished informative and entertaining, it's been a real pleasure to watch you grow over the years… ????????

  9. Hallo teddy, very interesting to see how it works out in numbers. But I do have a question, for example, Richard mille sales are so high because every watch is so expansive but actually selling only a few watches. So that is like ,how shell I put it, it doesn't show me that this is such a great brand. But very interesting video,thank you as always, love from Switzerland.

  10. How can Rolex have 40% of the U.S market while "only" making 1.2 million watches a year for the entire world?

    Not to mention that most people can't afford Rolex these days (if they also want more essential things like smartphones, computers, cars, house, etc).

  11. Thank you TEDDY for these data and analysis . It is useful . If i buy a watch 20 000 $ , i would like to know if the company or the group is in good health. With your help we get a clear overview of the market . It will not change our prefered watches but we can buy with a good knowledge of the market.

  12. Very interesting data. Many Tkanks! Could it be possible for you to produce a similar video but from german brands?

  13. So if you buy an Omega – you get at watch that is more rare than a Rolex?

  14. I love the grounded reality of this channel!!,Despite the recession, I no longer depend on Government Grants since I acquire $16,400 bi weekly profits.

  15. Cartier is selling much lesser watches than Omega

  16. Just shows, regardless of feeling on here of Rolex, they are still as popular as ever. Demand vs supply, simple as that. The world is big place when you are an internationally recognised brand, even to non watch lovers.

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