Tour a Hudson Valley Midcentury Modern Dream Home

Physician and homeowner Carol Harracksingh takes WSJ on a tour of her stunning Midcentury Modern glass home, designed by renowned architect Toshiko Mori. Photo: Cory Hill for The Wall Street Journal.

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19 Replies to “Tour a Hudson Valley Midcentury Modern Dream Home”

  1. She says she cares for environment but her footprint is way larger than average person. 👍. If its ok for her then ok for all of us.

  2. This is my style all the way! I love modern minimalist architecture. I would only need one third this size for living. Love the floor to ceiling windows. I'm a fan of Japanese residential design too.

  3. What kills me about homes like these is the fact that people spend millions building and countless hours designing with an architect, but then don't hire anyone for their interior design. The furnishings completely kill the vibe throughout the home and don't seem to mesh at all.

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