Tour of Italy

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29 Replies to “Tour of Italy”

  1. I am soooo excited!! You are my favorite chef, period!!! Hope your fame & popularity eclipses all the others!!! Many congratulations to you!!! ????⭐️????????

  2. I love this “… beautiful “.. be honor to meet you”.. I think your the greatest”..

  3. I just love her and her channel. Real authentic Italian food. It's my fav.

  4. I can't wait for this series. If I was back in New Jersey I would definitely be at your Cherry Hill book signing.

  5. Sooo excited!!
    I’ve been to Florence and cince terre!!- ahhh! The memories! and the food and the ???? gelato!! Wonder if I went to the one that you’d recommend ????????

  6. Love Beautiful Cherry Hills-I wish I could be there at the signing.

    But while your there-step into that Cherry Hills Mall. So gorgeous!❤

  7. Shereen is so beautiful to me!! I could watch her cooking anytime!!

  8. Hi Shereen, do you plan to be at any other New Jersey locations in the near future?

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