26 Replies to “transformation of pencils”

  1. "Yo u got a penile I can borrow?"
    "Sure you can keep it too"
    Thx man wait… BRO WHAT THE FU-"

  2. bro i give pencil last night please return the pencil

    after seeing this my mind be like= rakh le bikhari

  3. Shoot I'm stuck a bro you got to change so you can call me out ya hold up I don't think that'll work ummm…

  4. “Can I have the pencil i let you borrow be fore the test?”
    “Oh yea sure”
    “ BRO WHAT THE-“

  5. “Ok bro I trusted you last time and you didn’t make it into a chain”
    “Oh yeah of course I didn’t why would I”
    “I trust you this time ok”
    “Ok” the next day
    “Can I have my pencil back from yesterday?”
    “Oh yeah here you go”
    “Hey what the f-

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