Transformations & Negotiations | Ashville Weekly ep141

Daniel jumps in a chopper and heads up north for a meeting with Optimus Prime, there’s money going in, not out of Daniels pocket for once, and theres negotiating needed on concrete crushing equipment and some questionable 40 yard bins.

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30 Replies to “Transformations & Negotiations | Ashville Weekly ep141”

  1. Fox Bros wow. I’m in awe of the size of the operation. That is a legacy ????????

  2. Visiting from the States these last few days but unfortunately haven’t seen an Ashville lorry yet. One more day to get a chance, but either way mad respect on the content/company growth from close to the beginning of the channel.

  3. Thank you for making my every Sunday evening so peaceful . Keep it rolling Daniel great to see you growing .

  4. I forget how small the UK is and being impressed by a bog standard truck and 30t trailer

  5. Proper people us lot from up North, no bull you get what you see, great episode Daniel ????

  6. I would say this is the best video so far. Humble, respectful and inspiring.

  7. Have you check your company status is liquidation. Have not filed for confirmation statement

  8. 15:50 use your ROPS bars on the dumper and 360 especially when you're going up and down gradients

  9. Hi Daniel, What no trains again this week!???? Congrats on the Central London job, and Ashville Plant Hire???? Always great seeing you with Dr Tunde Okewale MBE, and involved in the Urban Lawyers Charity Walk???? M. O’Donovan-you both never cease to make me laugh???? Lastly, loved seeing you relaxed with Paul of Fox Brothers and within his yard???? Another great episode as per usual with thanks to you, and all at Ashville. Take Care. Enjoy the rest of the working week????❤

  10. Time vs money, Daniel needs a driver prob be worth it for the growth he's tryna achieve.

  11. The ball Daniel hit just showed in the Midwest ???????? LMAOOO ????????????????????????????

  12. Seeing Mr Fox makes he realise how likeable Daniel is. He seemed like a right geezer. Very unlikeable

  13. ???????????????? knew it would be Bain as soon as he mentioned fancy dress

  14. "I can't put anyone on the back of my truck but maybe one day somebody will put me on the back of theirs."

  15. Donny is a G this old white man I swear to god I got a lot a respect for the banta is strong ????????

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