Transforming Abandoned Garage Into My Dream Shop

My journey of transforming an abandoned garage into my ultimate workshop
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18 Replies to “Transforming Abandoned Garage Into My Dream Shop”

  1. I got a sinus infection just watching this. Respect the hustle tho. Excited for the transformation.

  2. You should really be wearing some sort of eye protection and a respirator.

  3. When that guy said cadillac I thought that door panel was a 69 cadillac door panel! Those parts are worth somethin!

  4. Looks like a great space! Personally though while throwing all that out and demo-ing, I would have had on gloves, a dust mask, and safety glasses the whole time! Lucky to not get an infected cut, something in your eye, or a respiratory issue from breathing in mouse crap. Something to think about as you continue!

  5. That old timer is a darkroom timer for developing photographic film (35mm or medium format). The darkroom equipment would plug into the outlets. I got one with some old 35mm photography equipment from a cousin that was downsizing. Thought it would look cool on a shelf with some old vintage cameras.

  6. Can't believe you tossed that vice! Would have been easy enough to restore and always super handy.

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