Hey foodies!
You have definitely faced the problem of how to bring sweets to school or cinema, right? That’s why we have prepared this video full of different awesome tricks and hacks to solve this problem and help you to enjoy your treats in any place you want. You can hide sweets inside your hair brush or glue stick. No one will find treats there. For the next hack, you’ll need double-sided tape. Attach it to your sleeve and attach candies to it. Then wrap your arm in a bandage and pretend that it’s broken.
We will not only show you how to sneak food, but also how to sneak things inside food! WOW! This could be a great gift idea. For example, you can make muffins with a secret inside or hide a ring inside an apple. Stay tuned to see all ideas.


00:00 How to hide sweets from kids
01:22 Tin can with a secret
02:22 Double-side tape hack
04:33 Cool idea for video

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