TURN Children’s PLAY GYM into Something USEFUL

In this video, I show you how I turned our old children’s play gym into a useful outdoor storage area for our gardening supplies and equipment.

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13 Replies to “TURN Children’s PLAY GYM into Something USEFUL”

  1. G'day Everyone, in case some people don't know the snake in the video was a python (not venomous). They can still bite so best leave these beautiful animals alone and just enjoy them, knowing they keep the rodents down. Thanks for your support! Cheers 🙂

  2. Hi mark. I put a water tank inside a small garden shed so it can collect its own water and keep wood dry

  3. You are fun to watch, I ‘ve enjoyed your channel. Though I’m so jealous of your mango land passion fruit trees I still enjoy watching you slurp them. Keep up your educational content you have great ideas.

  4. ???????? i would of seen that snake and noped out with the quickness ???? or come back with the 12 gauge and BBQ

  5. Thank you for your service, Mark. And thank you for sharing all of your incredible knowledge. You’re one heck of an inspiration to us all. ❤

  6. Hey Mark! Thanks for showing that people can live peacefully with snakes in their garden. I keep snakes as pets, and you have no idea how many times people share with me that they’ve killed a snake. That was one beautiful carpet python. He’s likely taking care of a rodent problem for you, or snacking on some birds.

  7. Nice neat area except for the snake!!!! What kind and is it poison? Good video thanks Mark.

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