Turning a BLOB into PURE JEWELRY!

The final chapter of the “blob” series. Using pure silver and gold to make a custom ring.

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Part one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eg1X6SKfTQo&t
Part two: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b76SJfgiZIM&t

30 Replies to “Turning a BLOB into PURE JEWELRY!”

  1. I would love to learn how to make jewelry. Especially after watching you make that awesome ring!

  2. My second wife once called me a blob since I couldn’t go a day without a few mcchickens. Sure wish she had valued me like you did to these blobs.

  3. perfectly 314 likes right now. Coincidence? I think not
    You're my new friend if you can figure out why I find this funny.

  4. This start to finish thing was absolutely epic! every part of the process has been really cool!

  5. I can't make any offers on BlobRing, but I hope the winning offer is from someone who buys it so they can gift it to you, so you'll get to keep this awesome physical reminder of this journey you've been on!

  6. oh man i looove those brushes that give you a satin finish! and especially when you use it on a silver and gold combo piece – it's my new favorite thing to do, but with gold inlays in silver pieces. the texture really enhances the contrast between the metals, makes it look super classy, and also makes the piece look so lovely and soft. this is such a gorgeous piece! also, thank you for reminding me that i wanted to make a spinner ring 😀

  7. From 2 blobs to this. Really simple design but yet it's 100% silver and gold, which has a pretty big history on the channel.
    Hope to see more videos like this (and chemistry)

  8. A blob and some silver leftovers powder turned into a beautiful ring, what an amazing finale for this serie. Great video! ❤

  9. Awesome final product, very cool to see the original chunks of unrefined metals go through the full process

  10. The gold really should be set into a groove because the silver is soft and has no density at all…The gold will come off the ring sooner rather than later…

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