Two Days Down at the Garden Center for New Plant Loads! ???????????? // Garden Answer

Two Days Down at the Garden Center for New Plant Loads! ????????????

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15 Replies to “Two Days Down at the Garden Center for New Plant Loads! ???????????? // Garden Answer”

  1. So much excitement, so many beautiful trees, so jealous I don't have the opportunity to have a first choice sort of speak. Good for you! I would probably have no money left for bills….I guess it's good I don't have the first choice. I would like plugs of some of the plants because they are more affordable….but I don't.
    Have a blessed week ❣️????????

  2. This is so awesome to watch you and Monicas get to work together, just like when y'all were growing up
    So many Wonder tree's.

  3. Oh my! Soo exciting! Laura, writing out her plant tags first thing lol ???? I must have this one and this one and then you tell Monica’s how you must have that! Sounds like you’re mom too you when you are out antiquing! Can not wait to see all the things you got! Yea! More projects! Love all the plants ???? and ???? ???? tree’s selection! I want one of everything please ♥️

  4. Oh how fun!! Seeing new plants arrive at the garden crnter always makes one heart race doesn't it!!! ????❤️???????????? Liz from California

  5. So jealous that you get dibs on so much great stuff! It's probably for the best that I don't have that kind of access though, I'm not sure I could restrain myself. And you really earn it with all the work you do for the garden center!

  6. Laura, I am not good with plants (aka black thumb), however, I love to watch things grow! I like watching you and your family. Being a vegetarian, I have dreamed of growing my own veggies! You really inspire me! Thank you!

  7. I'd love to see a video on a rundown of how to handle plants purchased at this stage. Do we water daily even though there's snow? Extra protection needed? I just planted a river birch that I bought at my local nursery, hoping I followed the correct steps for this weather (7a)

  8. If I worked there, there would be no need to exchange payment for my help. I would probably be in debt.

  9. Every spring when you show the plant deliveries I am SO envious! I’m in 7b and nurseries here don’t get plants till April. ???? And when they do, there’s not nearly the variety or number as your parents have. And I live in a much more populated area!! Even the box stores are slackers in comparison. There’s one thing I don’t understand though…why would anyone voluntarily plant a sweet gum tree? ????????‍♀️ I have a couple around my yard (old woods) and the gum balls they drop are awful! Thank you for sharing the bounty of beautiful plants arriving that give assurance spring truly is coming soon. ????????????

  10. Question: What happens to all those trees and plants that do not sell at the end of the season. It looks like every beginning of the year your parents have these huge deliveries. Are the trees that do not seel go back to the suppliers? Thanks and many blessings to your beatiful family!!

  11. LOVE seeing this! We're still a few months away here, but I can't wait for spring!

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