20 Min Pilates Workout For Thighs, Butt & Legs | Sculpt Graceful Curves & Strength FAST

Looking to sculpt your thighs, butt, and legs in just 20 minutes? This Pilates workout is the perfect solution. In this fast-paced routine, you’ll target key muscles in your lower body to help you achieve graceful curves and strength quickly.

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With clear and easy-to-follow instructions, this Pilates workout is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. You’ll perform a variety of exercises designed to tone your entire lower body. By the end of the workout, you’ll feel stronger, more flexible, and more energized.

So, whether you’re looking to get in shape for a special occasion or simply want to feel more confident in your own skin, this 20-minute Pilates workout is the perfect way to achieve your goals. So, grab a mat, hit play, and get ready to transform your lower body!

Instructor: Juliana Spicoluk

Location: Mystica in beautiful Costa Rica

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  1. We miss the old content you used to upload. I'm guessing that guy don't let you anymore eh?

  2. Your channel very quickly became one of my favorite yoga + pilates channels! I’ve been able to practice regularly in the morning thanks to you ❤

  3. Massive thanks for your great work and dedication! I have been doing your classes for 5 years and they changed my body and life for better. All the blessings to your wonderful family!

  4. So good ???? ????????!! I miss your Pilates classes. Thank you so so much for this new video ????

  5. How about compression pants for males? The couldn't be called leggings. Does the clothing web have any? This is George He-man continue with the good support.

  6. Hello Boho. I'm Sebastian Espinosa. I'm very new. I'm excited to become part of the family when it's comes to letting go of everything negative. These pilates, yoga and meditation vids are going to help me a lot when it's comes to stress and pain. I'm ready to heal myself and breathe. Thank you.

  7. Thank you so much for doing Pilates workouts! Pilates are my favorite form of exercise and I really enjoy beautiful scenery and the way you que.

  8. Good Sunday morning Julianna. Great video as always. I definitely love the flow – so graceful and smooth, there in your beautiful turqoise yoga suit. ????????❤❤

  9. What a wonderful class.. u rock it ???? Thank u Queen Juliana, I love u ????????☀️

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