Two New Perennials for 2023: Heliopsis & Agastache! 💚🌿💚 // Garden Answer

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18 Replies to “Two New Perennials for 2023: Heliopsis & Agastache! 💚🌿💚 // Garden Answer”

  1. Hello. Your videos are very inspiring. We are from Puerto Rico zone 12ve. My son Zamier which is 12 years old follows your channel every day. Also made some.projects you have done.He has learned the names of lots of.plants. Thank you so.much for such a wonderful inspirations.

  2. ohhhhh, those are gorgeous!! i can't wait to see the south garden this year (and the whole "estate"!) …. how fun to get to test plants!! love how you explain the plants, their growth habits as you've experienced or expect, and then how to run the drip (mars vs venus on placing drippers, hahaha)… 🙂 <3 thanks for the video!! 🙂 <3

  3. The way you describe how you want to place your plants and have them look it’s like watching a master painter paint an amazing landscape. Thank you for all your amazing videos and showing us the stunning plants 🪴. Your videos are a bright spot in my day and there’s no words to tell you how much they uplift my spirits and keep me going. God bless you and your family I feel truly blessed to have found your channel.

  4. Do you have well water or city water?? Bet you use a lot of water for all of your garden especially in your area.

  5. Oooohhhh I cannot wait to see what they do. Goodness they are beautiful..

  6. I think agga-stack-ee is the right way to say it but somehow I keep call it agga-stash. Hmmn.

  7. I noticed yesterday one of my echinaceas was super wilty and i checked it and it got gobbled up by a gopher 🥲

  8. Laura you make EVERYTHING look so easy..
    Thanks to your videos I ran drip, just like you do, in my flower beds🙌👏 but man oh man, was it hard to put the cuplers in😳 I was sore for days😅

  9. Hi Laura. I would love to see your cottage garden which is my favourite. I planted the exact same flowers back in 2019 when I saw your channel. I’m really picky choosing my colours and everything has to match. My garden is in blues, purple, cream and white. (NO RED) in my garden too 😂. Hope to see it soon.

  10. Even though I’m in southern Ontario Canada and in zone 5/6 like you guys, we are 2 months behind you for gardening. Trees are just budding up and daffs are just starting to bloom. Watching your videos gets me excited for the garden season and what’s possible!

  11. Those are beautiful plants can’t wait to add them in my garden next year btw thanks to you and Jenny my garden is so beautiful this year you guys have taught us a lot and I appreciate you, Jenny, Jerry and Aaron. I got to meet Jenny and Jerry at their garden center earlier this month.

  12. I know you were in zone 5 before, now your in zone 6' How is that changed? I'm in zone 5 also so am I in 6 now too?

  13. Your drip look pretty large. Is it 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch? I need a larger drip and and I didn"t know there was a larger size besides 1/4 inch. Looking forward to your response.

  14. What a gorgeous view of your home! Thank you for the preview of these beautiful flowers. I looked up hyssop to see if the Biblical reference to "hyssop" (for instance Psalm 57:7) could be the same plant we now call hyssop . . . but google said the Biblical references likely were a type of herb . . . interesting though . . . Sheila McDade in Chattanooga, TN

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