Ultimate CHEF SKILLS Challenge: LEFTOVERS | Sorted Food

The Ultimate Chef Skills Challenge is back and today the 3 normals are being pushed to the limit with their Leftovers

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23 Replies to “Ultimate CHEF SKILLS Challenge: LEFTOVERS | Sorted Food”

  1. for me, Rice Porraidge is a great way to use up ingrediants, or anything with rice, just cut them, toss all of it raw into a rice cooker over some rice and seasoning. Water Ratio will determine if you get a porraidge or rice, also left over stock can be used instead of water.

  2. Some videos i think "Jamie honestly is low key really cheffy and can blow the other two out of the water" but then videos like this come along and i am reminded that Jamie is truly so normal lol
    Edit: JK I should have finished the video, Jamie is king! <3

  3. the butchering in pronunciation of okonomiyaki god if i didn't have the subtitles on id have no clue what he was saying

  4. Oddly, Ive not done pickled mushrooms. Ive bought them but never made them. When not lacto fermenting, I really like the Indian style of "instant pickle".

  5. I have a gallon of fermented dill and garlic pickled carrots in my fridge. I have another gallon of fermented mixed veggies pickles on the counter. That one includes cucumbers, radishes, green beans, and maybe one or two more veggies. I love making pickles. I pay the same amount for the veggies as for a medium size jar of dill pickles at the store, but I get a gallon or more of my pickles and mine are better for me.

  6. I disagree with not giving Jamie the preservation badge for that. Time wise he had the most time intensive one to do, and even did a quick pickle that turned out great and showed his knowledge on it and how he would need to do it if he was not under a time constraint. He was also not the only one that had stuff wrong but he was the one that showed the most knowledge about his chosen form of preservation. I think give him the badge or take it away from others who made conscious errors like Mike not seasoning his.

  7. I went to culinary school years ago, and while I've retained a fair bit of knowledge, I can understand the struggle. I don't currently work in the restaurant industry, but that doesn't mean I can't still cook up some wonderful dishes. One of the reasons I love this channel is because I always find new learning opportunities.

    That said, I've done most of the techniques listed. A simple compound butter is nice, but an herb infused oil cooked down with some shallots and elephant garlic really give you other options. For example, you could use it as part of a jus gras.

    I might have gone that route for that very purpose. Not only is the oil a wonderful finisher, but I love that you can incorporate it in other things.

  8. Baz is on top…FINALLY!!! It's about time. I've been on team Baz all year and he's proving me right. His was also the dish I would most like to eat.

  9. Jamie absolutely cracking up when he finds out his dish was the crew favorite made me laugh loudly.

  10. Not really fair with the preservation badge, the brief wasnt make the best pickle possible it was preserve food for use in two weeks. I would say he met the brief even if it wasnt the best tasting.

  11. This was such a good video. So fun to watch. That onomiyaki pancake looked delicious. So did the crumble.

  12. Idk. I disagree with the decision on Jamie's pickles. They were pickled. They were preserved.

  13. I don't typically have physical reactions when watching videos but Jamie cutting that mango had me covering my mouth with my hands in pure shock. 🙊

  14. Despite the chaos, once in a while, the guys definitely can't be considered normal anymore… As a normal person i can tell you i'd never think about any of those things

  15. Professional kitchens minimising food waste? Ha. The amount of times I've seen entire plates of food thrown in the bin even though it was perfectly edible, i wouldn't be able to tell you. All because a customer didn't like one tiny little thing about the food they were given, it gets thrown away. How is that reducing waste? It isn't.

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