Ultimate Quick Tip Sewing Machine Needle Basics

What needle size or type do I need for my project? I’m going to show you just a few types of needles that have in my sewing stash, also what types of fabrics I use them with.

Needle Size 60- Light Weight- Georgette, Satin, or Organza
Needle Size 70/80- Medium Weight- Cotton or Jersey
Needle Size 90/100 + – Heavy Weight- Jeans, Leather or Upholstery

Specialty Needles: Stretch/Ballpoint, Jeans/Denim, Sharp/Microtex, Leather, Metallic/Embroidery, and Twin.

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  1. What needle would you suggest for kids uniform pants? Would it be a 70/80, the material is 97%cotton and 3%spandex? I have a hard time sewing the thicker parts (sides when it’s like double material) I hope that makes sense. I bough a jean-a-ma-jig, but it kind of still skips. Thanks in advance, I subscribed and looking forward to future tutorials and all ♥️

  2. Thank you for the great tips & explaining the difference between needles.
    Hope this doesn’t sound strange, but what hand lotion do you use? Or is it just genetics? Beautiful hands🌸

  3. This was very helpful, thank you for taking the time to educate those of us who are SO confused with all the different types of needles!! I am curious, for the last twin needle you feature, you say it is perfect for a FULL COVER STITCH… I don't know what that is…? Thanks and stay safe!! 🙂

  4. What about Jersey needles? Same as a Stretch needle? Thanks for all the info!

  5. Thankyou for this great video, I have all these different needles and just couldn’t remember what each was used for. Love your clear and concise explanation, so very helpful. I also have a Janome blue tip needle, what is that one used for? Thankyou so much this is so helpful.
    I have a Janome memory craft 3000 but now I’m retired and with lockdown happening here in Aus. 🇦🇺 I want to try sewing again after many years.

  6. Love this video! Tells me everything I need to know. Straight forward and no long intro! Loved it. Thank you!☀️

  7. Finally a video that keeps it simple and explains everything I need to know without it being 16 minutes long I’m saving this video for future reference

  8. Guess how many dumb videos I’ve started watching before I found yours? 😁👍❤️

  9. I love this thanks so much for sharing this video now I can understand the different types and what ther use for😊

  10. What needle do I use if I’m going to put a stretchy skirt onto the bottom of jeans? I’m trying to repurpose a pair of jeans that are worn out in the crotch by cutting it and adding patterned stretch fabric to make it into a skirt.

  11. Does this niddles making different stitching wise? I got a sewing machine I'm new to it, upper stitches okay ,but lower one all messed up .

  12. I have a question. What type and size needle would I use if I am free arm sewing on my
    machine onto interfacing ironed onto canvas? Thank you for your reply.

  13. Thank you do much I am beginner & my mother in law gave me a sewing machine since I am always sewing by hand this video is wonderful it's gonna help me so much …Can't wait to go shopping for needles now 😉

  14. I need a needle # such as 90/14 I’m new to all this and can’t buy a bunch of needle I won’t use, just sewing cotton with batting, some fleece and quilt with 3 layers

  15. Overall, a good video…just say "also" less frequently. Thank you for doing this.

  16. So the machine doesn't matter it's about the needle when sewing material like jeans?

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