Unbelievable Mediterranean Renovation Revealed! Kitchen, laundry, dining, lounge – Ep1 – House 15

We’re kicking off Episode One in the heart of the home, the kitchen. Once a small dark room at the back of the house, our vision was to bring the kitchen out of the shadows and into the spotlight, with a view of the water and with open plan access to the dining, laundry and lounge rooms.

We can’t wait to share the transformation with you! Let us know what you think below. x

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10 Replies to “Unbelievable Mediterranean Renovation Revealed! Kitchen, laundry, dining, lounge – Ep1 – House 15”

  1. It's Monday morning here in Virginia (USA) watching Three Birds Reno and cutting out all that crap that the GOP is putting out on Social Media. Thanks for lifting my spirits. Once again the Three Birds have pulled off another stunning renovation.

  2. i love the house but hate the ceiling, sorry . i would love to see a house with the lacanche ,best cooker ever , love you ladies

  3. ???? love it all! It‘s fabulous! I'm already looking forward to next Monday. Greetings from cologne

  4. Wow The Three Birds are masterful……..omg the design choices and the repetition of lines…gorgeousness

  5. So beautiful and intentional. I literally screamed when i saw the new season????

  6. Vacuum my floors……… Please. ????????
    Such a beautiful home. I'm already excited about the next episode!

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