Visit for more information about this upside down cake support system. You may not want to turn your cake upside down, but having them on a cake support system that can sure can take the stress and worry out of the deliveries!

Here Steph from shows us how safe her cakes are on the Cake Stackers cake supports. Cake deliveries are stressful enough without worring if you cake is going to fall appart before you get to the venue. Never cut another dowel again, ever!

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  1. @MrsBaity Hello Mrs. Baity, Thank you for your question! Myself, and most cake stackers do not use that top plate. It's only there to show you how stable the cake support system is. I would use it only if you want to turn the cake upside down. It will travel well without it, unless your on a rollercoaster! If I did ever use it, I would remove it when I deliver to the venue, but it's really not necessary. Thanks again for your upside down cake question:) ~ Steph

  2. This is really really remarkable!! My only issue is, there is a giant metal plate covering the entire top tier. If the bride wants a small simple topper, or none at all, what do you do??

  3. @dantwaz Danielle ~ I did too when I turned it upside down myself…LOL! Thank you for the comment! ~ Steph

  4. OMG!!! I literally said 'nooo!' out loud when you went to turn it upside down! I can't believe that!!! I'm going to go the website now!!! Glad I found your channel 🙂
    Danielle x

  5. @mysbeautiful1 LOL! I must say it was a little sceary on my end too..LOL! ~ Steph

  6. Yes, if you have ever delivered a cake you would really like this. It would also be a great suprise! Thanks for the comment! Steph

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