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  1. If it means 14th Amendment.. do it..!!! Not sure why it hasn't happened yet, it's clear we can't rely on Republicans to agree to the simplest and most important issues

  2. The debt ceiling is the result of approved expenditure by the Congress and Senates of the past (25% of which was approved by the trump led government). Future members of congress and the Senate cannot undo what has already been approved and spent. There should be no issue here. It is a charade. republicans are acting like bad robin hood, taking from the poor to give to the rich.

  3. So when the United States defaults and the businesses these Republican monsters in Congress are supposed to support are destroyed and thousands of Americans lose their homes, violent crime skyrockets, and then they lose all of their under-the-table injections of money I wonder if it's all still going to be worth it (and that's not to mention the jailtime so many members of the chaos caucus will be facing).

  4. The GOP always wanted to tank Biden's administration. They're not happy that he's succeding where Trump failed.. The same person that ran the highest debt in history, is the same that is encouraging his party not to pay his bills.
    What did we expect with someone that filed bankruptcy 6 times to get out of his personal & business debts.
    Does he want to treat American debts like his personal debts? Does he not know that American debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy?

    This is like a man who lost his home to foreclosure. Rents someone's and is now refusing to pay rent, willing the landlord to be foreclosured on as well.

  5. More poverty for the poor and more money for the Rich how about we pay all those idiots in congress minimum wage????

  6. How much does it cost added to this deficite GOP decided to refuse to pay !!! Got to stop getting our nose in other countries business!!! Military industrial complex…cut it out!!!????????

  7. Joe Biden and the democrats are destroying this country. We have to get the republicans back in power.. TRUMP 2024!

  8. It's past time to use the 14th amendment. Stop playing games with the Republicons. They are not to be trusted.

  9. Americans have had enough with Republicans period. They don't listen to they're own constituents and they only listen to Maga morons like MTG and Trump , they are ???????? hurting the people they serve

  10. The Republicans have been taught the Trump methods of business. First, you stiff the people, in this case other countries, that you owe money too. Then, if they take action against you, tie it up in the international court. If that doesn't work, you then declare bankruptcy. It has worked for Trump and his wretched family, so why don't we just burn everything to the ground because the Republicans like pouring on the debt when they control Congress but immediately dislike debt when the Democrats have the Senate and the Presidency.

    What we should do is hit the corrupt few per cent who pay no taxes and pour that money into bettering the lives of the many.

  11. Ms Clayton, BRAVO!
    The world, including the U.S., needs people like you.

  12. It's so sad that the Republicans are so quick to default because they are not in the white house. It wouldn't be a problem to just raise it. The trump republicans are just corrupt people who want things their way. The American people don't matter what so ever.

  13. President Biden, quit playing around with Kevin McCarthy and his cohorts. Just use the 14th amendment and get this done. Why mess around with this clown he’s holding you hostage just like Donald Trump get the hell out of here Kevin get this damn bill passed. The constitution says it shall not be questioned, so why is Kevin McCarthy questioning in it get his ass out of Congress indict Trump and throw his silly ass in jail and let’s get this country in order!

  14. I think Biden wants to give the FASCIST RACIST  Donald????卍Trump owned Republicans  a chance to do something RIGHT  for the American People for a change instead of, what they've been doing since President Obama was elected.

  15. Kevin u want to defeat the Grates country in the world that ur a part of because of revenge . Lol noway kevin

  16. Remove McCarthy, Santos ,Greene, Jordan, Cruz, Boebert, etc. Shame, shame on the states who gave these people power. Distracting America.

  17. When trump was destroying this debt he did what he wanted for the rich now Biden should do what is right for the peoples and weak spineless Kevin McCarthy should step down this butt kisser of trump ????????????????????

  18. The Democrats should stop telling Americans to "vote." They need to tell the people to "vote for democrats" because eighty percent of republicans are selling them crap. It is unfortunate that so many millions of Americans generally lack discernment and are easily taken in by the snake oil sellers in the Republican Party.

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