29 Replies to “URGENT!! Latest Trump News [8AM] 5/20/23 | ???????????????????? Breaking News May 20, 2023”

  1. What is the problem. Trump can fix the problems in twenty four ???? hours.

  2. DiSantis sounds extremely intolerant and he is intolerable! Which makes him less than intelligent ..NOT PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL! He is not even governor material…..what is wrong with Floridian voters..yikes!????

  3. God will hit them as they love their lies so look to them losing money and political support

  4. A guest has a problem with reality in regards to effects of gun violence in America.

  5. I would like for the one percent of America's
    multi billionaire to cut their enormous profits or to return the millions Trump gave to the 1 % class of America's. This way there wouldn't be any excess money to be recovered by cutting social services to the citizenship.

  6. i hope miss Wylie keeps on track to ground the de santis with his crazy stunts.

  7. I know many international travelers that are NOT willing to go to the US because of gun violence and homophobia.

  8. miss Phang. keep up your great reporting. strong, sincere, European fan

  9. But, Russia uses their fighter jets as an offensive and you are saying Ukraine can't? That's BS

  10. There already are work requirements. They just want to make them be for people who are older. We need more information not these simple summaries that do not speak the whole truth

  11. It’s ironic this meeting is taking place in Hiroshima when we are potentially on the brink of a nuclear war.

  12. I live in a neighborhood where the property 3/4 acres some with mobile homes some with actual structured homes sold here here for a very reasonable amount. so many of these social security disability recipients have come out here and put down payment after they got there settlement and are living up and around me. Now, what I see going on, is these people that have been put on disability because they can't supposedly work are actually working off the books and making more money then the average citizen. Someone should draw up a bill that allows more social security personnel to be hired and actually go the field and check on these people that are getting social security and claiming because some lawyer convince the judge that they can't work either because they have been considered with some form of mental disability what it usually is though is that they are just lazy people that spend their social security check on meth crack or alcohol and when they're sober enough get out and work when they want to off the books. It used to be back in the olden days harder to get disability. But with all these lawyers that got on board to help these lazy people get disability. We are paying our hard-earned money to these people who are able workers just lazy.

  13. We not only Love Asian Americans, we need them! So much we have come to enjoy here was Asian born.

  14. The GOP is totally dysfunctional. Trump is urging the GOP to default on America's debt. They do what they're told. If this happens, they will blame Biden and hope they win in 2024.

  15. Members of the Republican Party have a long feast day of filling up their pockets, selling pardons and other corrupted evil doings in running the government. The seat of the World Democratic Government will collapse and they can run away with pockets overflowing with wealth. Great harvest for all of them.

  16. Bloody Bastartd! Go to Berkely? You are not an owner of Florida. You are just a Public Servant!

  17. I love this Chinese lady. And, interesting bastard Republicans. On one hand being Anti Semetic and on the other hand raping a beautiful Jewish girl!

  18. Florida is a gay community. Hateful Ronnie you're just a boy Ronnie you're not ready for the big time. Your a Peewee League. Because Mickey mouse slapped you around and laugh at you hateful Ronnie. And no one can tell me any different it's My Life. Trans community and the gay community cuz you're always talking about that Ronnie loves you trans women, because you cannot keep your mouth shut about the gay community do you got to love them trans women

  19. I went on my first cruise a few years ago. We went to the Caribbean. The first island was very rough. Armed police at most corners. We went back on the ship pretty quickly. If given the choice I wouldn’t go back to that island. Whereas my favorite stop was Puerto Rico. I explored on my own and felt safe. You can get that kind of experience anywhere. I wanted to snooze on the New York subway but felt it was good not to snooze. But perception is half the battle. Problems can be had anywhere. Our last stop was Haiti. Definitely not the place to go now.

  20. Duh.. Yes he can.. Rudy can front up to say Ï did everything, It was all ME and not the Don-key!"

  21. Repugs, cutting money to the poor.. shocking.
    These MORON'S need to be voted out.

  22. I fear for my daughter now when she needs to visit the States for business reasons, mainly because of the increasing incidents of mass killings. I grew up in Montana and know about the gun culture, but it was a different time and weapons were for permitted hunting, birds, deer, etc. I live in a European country with the least restrictive weapon laws, and in the past 20 or so odd years there was one year with a multiple killing twice in the same year with less than four victims each.

  23. It sounds to me like 1 as Ms
    Tsirkin said he's there as a possible scapegoat for the Repubs. 2 he got this headship for the same reason Jordan (woefully unqualified) got his, and Comer got his chairmanships. Just like M Traitor Green (underqualified, unqualified, and undeserving), and Santos got ANY committee assignments…partially there is blind loyalty but behind it ALL is 100% self-serving entitled narcissistic mentality.

  24. What told so long for Ukraine to et th equipment they ask for 15 months ago? It's seems Ike the same B.S. from Biden again.

  25. Playing chicken with this debt thing is not going to get it done. They just keep leaving the meetings and say no progress is just a delay tactic to get their cuts. Their cuts are counter productive and will hurt job growth and important programs that people really need lose. Trickle down economics at it’s worst. Does that sound like they want to take care of their constituents?

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