Vegan On A Budget $30/Week

Grocery shopping on $30/week as a vegan.
**UPDATE** Scratch the bagels from list. They contain honey.

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17 Replies to “Vegan On A Budget $30/Week”

  1. Full grocery shelves and low prices. I had to check how long ago this was uploaded!

  2. Those top ramen is always on my budget list for grocery shopping , perfect tip

  3. Ok, you guys, when I saw the title of the video I went straight to my mom's room and ask her to make a plan for $30 for a week.We end up making list for two weeks for $30. In the household only two people. But yeah, I think you need to look more on price

  4. i am somehow so thankful to live in a country where USD $30 will feed my family of 3 ( me n my kids age 10 ) for a month

  5. if you go to your local food bank, they often have fresh and canned veggies that they are glad to help college students out. ask for the manager and volunteer as you can. they have great situations each week of farmer items. ask at various churches as well. save your money as you can and freeze veggies and fruit. most items can be blanched or cooked lightly to freeze. usually always have peanut butter and beans

  6. Bro…rice…beans and ANY greens are always very cheap! SHOP the sales in your grocery store!

  7. For me, vegan turned out being far, FAR cheaper and varied then back when I was a meat eater. I had the benefit of loving to hunt for bargains and to eat things that are in season, as well as knowing how to balance my nutrients without supplements. But anyone can do it.
    A great trick is to buy things in bulk that you can. Stuff like lentils, beans, nuts etc. Also learning how to store your root vegetables so that they last a long time goes a long way.
    EDIT: It also helped my general health, energy and especially my skin a ton. I used to suffer from severe excema and rashes, but after I went vegan that all cleared up. So in that regard I saved a ton on lotions and medication as well.

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