22 Replies to “Wallpapering hanging”

  1. I always put masking tape over plug sockets therefore avoiding Paste getting into the holes,then remove when the paper is dry and screw up socket back to the wall. Saves all that cleaning later on!

  2. రాజమండ్రి దగ్గర లో ఎవరైనా ఉన్నారా

  3. This is dreadful!. You always go from the corner and plum.planning out to loose the pattern in the best corner!

  4. ignore him
    of your going to start in the wrong place start using the door as a straight edge less cutting
    no need for all that messing in the corner as long as it sticks and it's into the corner
    tbf he's made a decent job I'd happily pay

  5. Paste the wall – paper is the best – I've that paper in Pink, from Graham & Brown . Nice video ❤️ Thank you .

  6. I'm not one for wallpapering however it's always a pleasure to watch a professional at his trade. Many thanks for posting.

  7. hi there, many thanks for demo!..if i apply a liberal layer of paste on the wall ,,could i hang a relatively lightweight plain backing wallpaper? look forward too hearing from you .

  8. Doesnt he wipe round the socket with the soonge when the switches are on???? Surely not??

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