15 Replies to “Walnut Stretched Handle #shorts”

  1. Кусок дерева, разделочная доска делается совсем по другому

  2. I think I would reinforce the end of the handles on those. Cut a mortise across the grain and put a cross grain directional piece in the mortise.

  3. Вот смотришь, смотришь всякую хуйню, смотришь, смотришь….

  4. It's a charcuterie board, a serving tray for meats and cheeses, and it's beautiful.
    Good work man

  5. Man I love what you did there but that thing is going to warp and twist so bad. Its really nice work and I'd hate to see it fail on you. Beings that its so wide and close the the center of the tree it will want to roll up. When I do similar things to this I will rip it and flip 1 piece and glue with my rings opposite of each other. Really nice jig set up though. Where did u buy them?

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