We made a Choo Choo Charles Animatronic!

Chugga Chugga Woo Hoo! Jaimie and Jay make a horrifying animatronic spider train.

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While working on our dancing Freddy from FNAF, we went deep down into the rabbit hole of indie horror games and discovered… Choo Choo Charles. He’s loosely based on a cursed Thomas the Tank Engine and his vacant expression still haunts our dreams. We had to bring him to life.

The base for our new toy makeover is a RC spider toy. We built Choo Choo Charles’ body with balsa wood, some recycled trash containers, and a handful of 3D printed parts. His face was sculpted with Apoxy sculpt and Sculpey and his legs were made with Foam Clay.

We hoped you enjoy watching our DIY Choo Choo Charles animatronic project. He’s definitely giving us evil Thomas the Tank Engine vibes. We love to make spooky DIY and Halloween projects all year long. If you want to see more, we have a bunch of animatronic makeovers, horror toy makeovers and DIY Halloween props and decor on our channel. Until next time, stay wicked!


10 Replies to “We made a Choo Choo Charles Animatronic!”

  1. We tried to make as accurate to the game as we possibly could. How'd we do?

  2. I wouldn’t mind seeing you guys do up the donor toy to make it look like a creepy spider. Great job guys

  3. U should take a spirit halloween animatronic and…i know u already made a small fnaf animatronic but…make a giant one????

  4. I think if you put creepy spider legs or claws on anything at it charges at you… it will scare the living daylights out of you. I didn't see the Choo Choo Charles spider train… so I have no context, it's new to me. Creative I will admit… plus what you guys did to make it an animatronic, I'd say you got the essential parts working and that's a win for sure! Cheers!

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