We Ruined The New Goonzquad Garage While Prepping Our Porsche For Paint!!!

We should never done this but we had no choice!!! This Porsche is going to turn out super insane and were ready to show y’all the entire process. Although we kinda ruined the new shop, I think it’ll be well worth it. Stay tuned to see the final result. Thanks For Watching!!!

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15 Replies to “We Ruined The New Goonzquad Garage While Prepping Our Porsche For Paint!!!”

  1. There are tents you can buy for not much. So you can set that up in your workshop.

  2. Why not put covers on all the cars that are NOT getting worked on?

    Did you not want to sell the track hawk last year?

  3. Loved seeing the Porche build, and Simon new Bride getting into plumbing the newlywed's house. Happy Wife Happy Life. ❣

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  6. It just took over 45 minutes to watch an 18 minute video… the ads are getting to be a bit much

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