We Shouldn't Be Allowed to Do This…

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Join in on the fun as @jacquesinthegarden and I get into the summer grilling spirit and grill up some tasty harvest burgers with some freshly cured garden potatoes!


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00:00 – Intro
00:29 – Onion Harvest
01:20 – Loquat Harvest
02:27 – Processing & Meal Prep
06:23 – Grilling
09:26 – Memorial Day Sale
17:52 – Taste Test


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15 Replies to “We Shouldn't Be Allowed to Do This…”

  1. LOL "he won't notice"……. "!!!!? Jaques!!! what are you doing!" from miles away. sharp eyes. HAHAAA! looooooove that ya'll are leaning into the humor aspect. from the soul. laughter is so needed and i love getting it with my gardening. i'll follow that shit till i die. (aka big thank you)

  2. Looks amazing
    This one somehow has a real This Old House vibe. I mean that 1000% as a compliment

  3. I bet Jacques is at least level 40 and could easily give the first 7 gym leaders a whoopin

  4. You can also microwave your potatoes 3-5 minutes to get a head start for grillin

  5. What verity red and yellow o ions do you recommend for San Diego?

  6. Your editor deserves a raise. The Pokemon GameBoy effects had me cracking up????

  7. Ok. I'm with you for the arti chokes but nope for the green potatoes. Y'all gonna get the collie wabbles.

  8. Gotta season those tomatoes, glad there was some flaky salt on there. Bringing out those glutamates! Going to have to try some artichokes on my burgers this weekend!

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  10. Stupid idea of mine… make the deal and shipping available to the EU… Man, I would have bought them by the dozen.. ???? (birdies beds)

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