Wedding Favors Last Minute Ideas

Homemade favors for weddings can be inexpensive without looking cheap. Wedding favors like these are perfect for weddings on a budget. Here are a few suggestions for quick and easy wedding favors.

11 Replies to “Wedding Favors Last Minute Ideas”

  1. I like the champagne glass idea. How do you keep the candy from falling out?

  2. Where did u get your clear hearts from and your mini baskets

  3. Nice wedding favors.  I like the fact that they don't cost much.

  4. Great info.  I was looking for some feedback from a pro like yourself on my channel and my glass flowers for wedding centerpiece if you have time.  Thanks

  5. Great ideas and tips! Always come up with last minute "to dos". Thanks for sharing!

  6. Fantastic wedding tips, thanks for sharing them! You've got some great tips on how to save money on weddings here.

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