week of my vegan breakfasts (fall edition)

hope that you enjoyed this video! i made seven (a week of) fall inspired vegan breakfasts! everything from pumpkin spice, to apple, to maple, and more!!!

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18 Replies to “week of my vegan breakfasts (fall edition)”

  1. Someone pls tell me what maple butter tastes like omg it looks so good and I’ve never heard of it, is it like a sweetener???

  2. I just made the apple crisp for my family . It is in the oven ! I cant wait to try it!!!🤪😄also Ilysm ashley . U inspired me to go vegetarian . I love your what i eat in a day videos , they five me so many new ideas !

  3. I love watching these even tho I know that my breakfasts are always oats, vegan yogurt bowls or toasts hahaha

  4. If I tried to make any of these things, I'm 99% sure I'll mess something up and it won't come out half as good as yours did 😅

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