We're Running Out of Time… and Running To the NEXT PROJECT!

Hey Gang! Hope you’re having a great weekend so far!
We all know when you get to the end of a project, it seems like you have a list of things to do as long as when you first started! This video is all about that, knocking out those small items to reach 100% completion. This will be the LAST video we post working on this remodel! We’ve been in this house for quite some time, remember, just two guys doing an entire house. Let us know if you’re interested in seeing the before and afters. New Project getting announced this week and we know you’re gonna love it. We’ve never done anything like it before. We’re so anxious to get out to Texas and start working on the Stud Pack house, thanks so much for supporting the channel. And we want to give a huge shoutout to HALO, WAGO, and Boulder Bag for supporting us and sending us high quality gear.
See ya soon Gang!

Contact: Studpack225@gmail.com

Boulder bags

Wago kit

True Position Cabinet Hardware Jig

Milwaukee fan M12 tool only (available in M18 also)

Klein LED worklight

Wiss metal snips (mine is an older pair, here is a current model, I think:))

Halo HU11 series undercabinet LED lights

17 Replies to “We're Running Out of Time… and Running To the NEXT PROJECT!”

  1. Excuse me for being nit-picky, 18:49, those holes do NOT look aligned! Possible the jig slipped? A good upgrade for that tool would be a clamp to hold it in place rather than depending on holding with the off hand while drilling. Thanks for all the great videos and advice, you have helped IMMENSELY with my current bathroom remodel which is almost done.

  2. Your work ethic together makes up for not showing before's or after's, love watching your videos with my sons. We not have older men in our life's to learn this stuff from so, thanks and can't wait for another one.

  3. Wago connectors are fantastic for a lot of reasons but one legitimate gripe people have is that they have many times the resistance of wire nuts because the contact area is a lot smaller. There is a measureable voltage drop across them so in theory using them could add to your electrical bill. Whether or not that's a problem is for you to decide. I use them for lighting and in situations where the wire in a box has been cut too short to use a wire nut. They're absolute lifesavers in those scenarios.

  4. If you use it and you like it, sell it. It’s not selling out if it works.

    Or start a tool review channel. Then sell what you like on the original channel.

  5. Personally I like learning about new products as long as the plot keeps moving and it doesn't feel like I'm watching an infomercial.

    Not until the content starts playing second fiddle to the product placement do you have to start wondering whether or not you've "sold out".

    As far as I'm concerned you two deserve all the sponsors you get. Just don't read any scripts because those are lame. 😉

  6. With normal fridges u shouldn't turn it on for 30 to 1hr after moving it, but with wine fridges it's 24 to 48hrs after put in place

  7. Before and after shots would be great, though I am personally interested in watching and learning how pros achieve pro-level results. I really love the attention to detail you guys share, which is hard to achieve if a DIYer has never done these kinds of projects before. Stuff like "do A before B because B will be 10x harder without A first" is invaluable and makes projects go so much smoother.

    I also like the way you plug your sponsor's products. I am personally not into videos that plug products that has nothing to do with what channel is about, like recommending a website building app for a cooking channel as an example. I love learning about what tools that pros use, and I like that you guys show how to use it and why it's worth getting. I'm a fan of giving shout outs to products that are actually relevant to the channel's subject matter and as long as you continue to recommend products you've test driven and can recommend in good faith, I'm all for it!

  8. Who made all your merch? I especially like the hats. I'm a fairly new business and I want to get some merch made soon. Thanks all for the videos!!

  9. Paul, you're a rock star! I really appreciate your presentation and demeanor on your videos. I don't even have aspirations to try any of this stuff myself any time soon, I just enjoy watching you do your thing and you're a natural teacher. Great job as always!

    Oh and Jordan, if you're wondering why you're getting the moving horizontal lines in some of those camera shots, it's the camera's shutter speed "disagreeing" with the lighting. Try clicking the camera's shutter speed up or down a notch or two and that should go away. It'll be different for different lights, so you might have to play with it every time you film in a different house with new lighting. Great camera work, man!

    You two make a great team, and a great channel.

  10. Wish you guys could come to SC and do my renovations. My insurance company screwed me and you can’t find any contractors right now.

  11. You made a small scratch on the side of your truck when you tighten that strap

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