What Happens When You Grow Corn in Winter?

In this video, I show you what happens when you grow corn in winter!?

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18 Replies to “What Happens When You Grow Corn in Winter?”

  1. G'day Everyone! It has been a while – I know… As I mentioned at the end of the video, I have enjoyed meeting many of you out and about over the past few weeks. It has been nice chatting with you and as always I appreciate your support. If you see me out in the community, feel free to come up and say g'day. Cheers 🙂

  2. Hello, as an American with a growing season of about 125 days, could you get seed for a short-season corn variety? Here, we have a saying, "Knee high by the Fourth of July" – mine was waist high by the first of July, is currently close to six feet tall. Just noticed the first sign of ears over the weekend – second year gardener, first time growing corn, so I'm pretty excited!

  3. Hi Mark I did the experiment too this winter and yes fAailed!
    I'm an avid fan watching your videos and learning from it thank you for sharing 😊

  4. In my part of Florida it’s always the wrong time of year to grow corn, unless I’m willing to constantly spray pesticides, which I’m not.

  5. well, the unspoken, and largely assumed variable is "in australia." cause…winters in most of continental US are snowy, and reach freezing temperatures most days, and I'm in one of the somewhat omre mild climes. there are others that are WELL below zero. obviously frozen soil will not permit corn to grow. in winter.

  6. G'Day from Canada! I wonder if you had a variety more suited to colder weather if you couldn't make it work. Our summers hardly get above 20C here. Cheers!

  7. Please dont put roots in the Chopper it damages the blades inside rather cut it above. The rotting roots in the soil will also help with water retention

  8. In Brittany where winter temperatures are not so extreme, with very mild winters, they grow cauliflower nearly-year-round… like 3 crops per year or so. Might be worth a try to see how it copes with Australian summer. The downside is you're in acute danger of having to eat a lot of cauliflower.

  9. I can personally guarantee Mark won't bite you if you say g'day! Great vid mate, definitely more room for some 'corny' jokes though!

  10. If You think the aztec corn is cool, then you should see what I can grow. Let me know if you would like to see what my Grandfather taught me to crow.

  11. G'day from Canada. I live in the mountain valley desert, so 30 – 40 C is not unusual, although it's very arid here. This is my first year gardening. I had to get my water pipes replaced, so I'm using the dug up front lawn as a garden. I planted seeds, but so far only the marigolds have come up. I did buy a couple of beefsteak tomatoes and green bell pepper plants which are doing well.
    Next year I'll be doing a no-dig in my back garden.
    Thanks for these videos, to show me how to garden in hot weather. We do get a couple of weeks of snow here, so I can't grow all year round.
    I wondered what you were up to, putting that table in your raised bed, but all became clear. Brilliant. 🙂
    Jon in rural BC, Canada

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