WHAT I ATE TODAY | VEGAN + DO I SNACK?? Tracking Nutrients #2

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27 Replies to “WHAT I ATE TODAY | VEGAN + DO I SNACK?? Tracking Nutrients #2”

  1. Where is your t shirt from? Love it…love all of your what I eat videos too 😀 gives me so much inspiration x

  2. Made these pancakes!!!! They are my new favorite vegan pancake recipe plus I have the ingredients:]

  3. I’m definitely a person who I guess you could call a ‘grazer’ I eat smaller meals throughout the day to keep myself satisfied and I have found that really works for me

  4. i go to the gym and use chronometer too but how do i know how many calories I've burnt during exercise? Xx

  5. Hi Bonny, i love you're video's! i've been binging the last few days! but i've a question about your tracking because is see 0,9 cup of raw lentils = 618kcal, but you didn't eat the lentils raw right? so that's giving us a distorted picture…

  6. You are truly adorable!!! I greatly enjoy your videos. Very informative.😊😊😊🌽🍐🍊🍎

  7. Wow you guys way over cook your pancakes :/ you're supposed to flip it when 7-8 bubbles come to the surface of the batter

  8. You may have already mentioned it in another video…but where did you get your gray t-shirt? 😍

  9. what if an ant fell in the pancake mixture it would be like "ahhh im in quicksand heellllpp pls"

  10. Does anyone know where I can buy the pan (or one like it) that she used to make the pancakes in?

  11. you were one of the people who inspired me most to become vegan my family does not really understand it but my friends are starting to go vegetarian which is really amazing cause they say that i inspired them 🙂 really love your videos, you're such an inspiration and motivation <3

  12. My issue with this is that you make snacking sound like a bad thing, when in fact it is something that most people need to do. Dieticians recommend 3 meals and 3 snacks a day and that's completely normal and healthy.

  13. Amazing things about @Bonnyrebecca:

    1. She eats real food. Her diet isn't extremist or restrictive; she's vegan but eats such an amazing variety.
    2. She eats a real amount of food. Her meals are generously portioned, full of colour and goodness. Much closer to the size of portions I usually eat.
    3. She's Australian.

  14. I always worry I'm getting it wrong regarding sugar levels. I read somewhere we shouldn't have more than 30g of sugar per day. But in already on that now. I noticed yours was about 70+grams! how did you decide on what levels of sugars, fat, carbs and protein. Sorry for asking. only been using it a week so total noob lol

    I'd been 90% vegan for about 10 years. That was due to being lactose intolerant and not being an egg fan.

    After deciding to educate myself regarding dairy and eggs etc. Totally upset me and now I'm 95% and working towards 100%. I still have things in the freezer…but getting there. It's not great leap. most days, for the past 3 weeks, I've eaten vegan.

  15. I'm a vegan but I still feel the need to restrict my calories to an extent, just because I feel like my metabolism is not particularly fast. I think it's wonderful that you encourage plentiful eating, but I feel like if I ate as much as you I would definitely not be able to stay as lean as you do.

  16. When I eat lunch I am full but after a few hours I get hungry again. I feel like my stomach is to small… 😂

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