MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Hope you all are having an amazing holiday season with your family and friends. I wasn’t going to film this video, but you guys have been requesting this since LAST Christmas haha love you guys – I am so very thankful. Links to items below:

Apple iPad Pro: http://bit.ly/2CxhNZY

Apple Pencil: http://bit.ly/2TcpLxc

Hoka Sneakers: http://bit.ly/2Rl6M2N

Eberjey Pajamas: http://bit.ly/2CyYa3S

HydroFlask with Straw Lid: http://bit.ly/2RkNPgM

Beats Headphones: http://bit.ly/2Q0D2vI

Nike React Sneakers: http://bit.ly/2TaF618

Kate Spade Leopard Pajamas: http://bit.ly/2CAgWaT

Replica Beach Walk Perfume: http://bit.ly/2CxhsGG

Adidas Adilette Slides: http://bit.ly/2T9l876

Spanx Leggings: http://bit.ly/2TeocPn

Eberjey Robe: http://bit.ly/2T8nmn9

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25 Replies to “WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS 2018”

  1. For Christmas I painted my boyfriend a painting of Nick Chubb and Isaiah Winn from the Rose Bowl last year!!! Go dawgs!!

  2. You’ve inspired me so much 💕💕so I decided to film my own what I got for Christmas it be really cool if y’all could check it out

  3. I also have an iPad Pro for note taking, when you get better at it you should post videos about how you organize and what apps you use!

  4. I’m sorry I love you but this was hard to watch, I understand you said you weren’t bragging or anything but how do you think this makes your viewers who got a tiny fraction of this feel?

  5. Omg, I go to OSU and they gave all the freshmen free ipads. I didn't think I would like taking notes on it because I hate taking notes on a computer (also its bad! Studies show that you shouldn't!!) But the iPad is SO NICE to take notes on. 10/10 reccomend for anyone considering!!

  6. All the gifts you got were so cute and thoughtful. I love eberjey pajamas too, their so soft it's like you're wrapped in a cloud.

  7. Everything you got is always so amazing! I’m adding so many to my wishlist to spoil myself lol 😊✨
    I’m a SMALL youtuber, (under 1K) and I uploaded my video! Does anyone want to to support each other?

  8. Orange theory is so awesome!!! Running gets easier after you do it a couple of times I promise, I hate it too

  9. hey in your podcast you talked about body shaming and how people are always criticized for how they look, but I didn't agree with "skinny girls being sluts." Your body doesn't determine your actions or who you are, which I would think you would understand. Comments can be hurtful even if someone is what you would consider skinny or "perfect".You also mentioned how a "women's body is curvy and not like a 17 year old." Being a woman has nothing to do with how your body looks, being skinny or bigger doesn’t change who you really are. People can be body shamed NO matter their size, skinny girls included. For someone who preaches body positivity and bringing up others, these comments really disappointed me to hear. People can be ridiculed and shamed no matter their size, and I guess your recent comments are proof of that

  10. I love my iPad I just have an iPad mini but when I was in school I used it for notes or to put my textbooks on.

  11. My favorite gift I gave was an umbrella that closes up instead of down. My mom really wanted one and she missed her chance to buy one from a local retailer so I got it for her on Amazon and she was so happy about it.

  12. I love using my iPad to takes notes in class!! I use the app Notability (totally worth the $10!)

  13. loved the video danielle! next year you should do a long video and vlog opening gifts with your family so we can still see what you got your family! or do a gift guide of what to get family members:)

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