What I Have Changed To Lose BODY FAT | At 50

Thank you so much for watching!! More to come! 👙✨ Lisa

** I WILL get something wrong, check things yourself, I am not an expert, just sharing what I am doing and what motivates me! I will tell you what I eat and when soon! 🥰

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21 Replies to “What I Have Changed To Lose BODY FAT | At 50”

  1. Love your videos. You are so sweet and genuine. Just a thought… our wonderful creator God did not make the fruits that we eat today. Fruits have been modified to be extra sweet and palatable to us.

  2. Thanks to you dear I am so much more healthy. Losing fat on my ketovore diet. I do not have a scale. I can just feel by my mirror and how I feel that this will always be my new way of life. No more sicknesses. I had so many illnesses. All GONE.!! God bless all

  3. Keto in only two weeks has changed my life seriously. No more ocd or cravings for anything.

  4. I’m super happy that you share information to assist us in life. 😃
    Thank you for speaking on feeling better and tummy troubles. That’s so me. I’m going to try the Carnivore diet. It’s so weird to have to tell people that I think veggies give me tummy troubles. Thank you for giving us valid info as I’m in my 50’s also ⭐️

  5. Oxalates cause me so much trouble both with my stomach and inflammation. Glad that you were able to do some research on it and find what helped you. Since removing the massive amounts of kale and spinach and almonds I was ingesting daily, my severe stomach pains, bloating and inflammation have gone down tremendously.

  6. This is a thought that came to me while listening to you. Why? don't we research and find out these things earlier in life. I'm 64 and I am tired of being overweight. My mother said I was born with fat cells, so I was distend to be overweight. I've never figured out what has worked for me, and being impatient for results doesn't help either. I find a lot of what people talked interesting but don't know where to begin. I am your height and at one time in my life I was the same weight you are now, and I remember thinking I like this, but I was younger and far more active too. So I am on my own journey right now, and still can't put my finger on it.

  7. I have started the intermittent fasting and have lost 3 lbs the first week. Thank you for sharing your experience. This was a great encouragement for me! I am also watching Dr Berg!

  8. Hi Lisa Could you please tell me why you did not incorporate yogurt into your keto diet? Thank you

  9. Hi Lisa. This video makes so much sense. I remember buying a Vita Mix blender years ago, and whenever I tried to drink the blended green smoothies (kale, apple, orange, blueberries, etc), my gut bloat up and I'd go into an IBS attack. I couldn't imagine why. I thought maybe it was all the air whipped into the smoothie by tge blender. Like you, it didn't bother me right away, but would kick in days later. Glad to have this info. My tummy is so huge and swollen. It is miserable.

  10. Lisa! Im just catching up on your videos! So busy! LOL I learned about Oxolate Crystals several years ago from my Holistic Dr. Changed my stomach life!! Carnivore "diet" is what works for and I feel my optimum best on it. Like you said every one has to do what works for them! I LOVE Dr Saladino. Reading his book now actually!

  11. It’s strange but since my surgical menopause I can’t eat green veggies. I had the same reaction that you had and it’s painful.

  12. Are those called “smoothie bowls”? I first heard about these through Tammy’s Ageless Beauty. They look so delish. What’s so important to remember is that REM sleep is vital for our bodies and overall health and wellness because so much recovery, repair/ regeneration ( I would teach my nursing students about what I like to call…”the 3 R’s”) happens during our sleep cycle. Aren’t our bodies amazing?

  13. I've watched so many plant-based Ytubers – young women who have made their career around smoothies, juices, plant meals etc and exercise and yoga all the time and are super thin – but I was all that – at their age. It is self-defeating for women over 50 to try and copy what the young women are doing. Post menopause fat is so different from young fat. It's hard to shift and to do so requires that you change your life substantially. Like, goodbye all my daily eating habits, my reward system, my treat system etc etc. What you're saying, Lisa, is absolutely true.

  14. I just recently started watching your videos and I thought what is this beautiful young woman ever going to teach me … boy was I wrong I have learned a lot from you and this right here is a great video

  15. I think finding this was fate. My specialists have never mentioned that my aches and pains could come from how I’m eating. I’m 57 and have been coping with this since I had a medical menopause after my hysterectomy after my sons birth 26 years ago…. long time ago. I don’t even care about weight loss. I just want to feel good again.

  16. Dr John Gray the Mars Venus wellness solution program seems interesting . Has anyone tried it? My dr showed me the the metabolic syndrome diet its similar to keto. The problem is every time you check into something, one or more of the foods on the lists causes a problem with something else.

  17. Hi Lisa….I just found you on U-Tube..and am so excited to have someone like you to listen too. I am a 66 yr. old Lady who is Single and have gone thru this ALL. I spent the money to go thru this all about 8 yrs ago thru the Hospital. i spent Thousands of Thousand of dollars to lose 45 lbs. i had a complete hysteroctmy (sp) 33 yrs ago and have ben on diets thru many companies when i was married. I need to lose again alot of weight and i get so disgusted on my roll in my stomach. I am on Paxil, Blood pressure meds, statin, and aciphex. I was always very tiny till i had my surgery and have had to watch what i eat. i am now going to a Dr. for my hot flashes…i was on hormone pills for 33 yrs too. So i am really gonna try again to get rid of this weight AGAIN! I think you look Beautiful and can't wait to your videos!!

  18. "I have zero issues with sleep." Meanwhile, kitty is power napping on the chair in the background! 🐱 😁 🤣

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