what i wish i knew before my freshman year of college

hey homies, as i wrap up freshman year of college i wanted to film a very real and raw video where i talk about the things i wish i knew BEFORE starting my freshman year of college. this video is not meant to scare you or get you un-excited, it’s just real feelings i felt and i want you guys to know you’re not alone in this crazy journey. love, d
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26 Replies to “what i wish i knew before my freshman year of college”

  1. i’m watching this video a year after it was posted and it’s so helpful!! i’m gonna be a freshman at ASU this fall (2019) and i’m excited but also super nervous

  2. A refreshing and honest video about what college freshmen go through. Thank you for the candid advice! It is important to remember that adjustment is crucial with this transition and we all go through the same ups and downs. Thanks for all the great information about going through freshman year and being successful and happy!

  3. im done college now so this video is not relevant to me lol but the part where u were saying dont go home a lot at first is SO tru! i had a roomate in my freshman year who went home the first weekend and then was so homesick she didnt come back!

  4. I am so happy you made this video. I’m a freshman going through my first week of college and I’m struggling right now. Thank you for the advice !!

  5. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how honest she is.. theres never any videos about the bad sides

  6. hi, glad I watched this video before the night before my college begins; gave me comfort thanks <3

  7. Thank you SO much for posting this. I'm about to be a freshman in less than a week, and knowing what you shared calmed me so much

  8. hahahahah i'm loling I just watched Brooke's video and her advice was to say yes to more not no…but for real I agree with you both. Say yes when you can and say no when you know you need to have a night in

  9. This is such a "real" video. Thanks for opening up to us, I'm going to be a freshman at college in less than a month and this made me feel so much better about the situation (:

  10. I have been so nervous because I go to college so soon!! Thank you so much <3

  11. OMG you LITERALLY addressed the stuff I was really worried about going into my freshman year this fall this literally made me feel so much better. I appreciate this video SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!! <3

  12. what kind of dance team did you join? i'll be at uga in the fall and i'm just wondering what they have to offer

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